Make Your Own Magic

October 14, 2016

Camp Info

If your child requires medications while at camp, please bring their medicine and orange card in a gallon-sized plastic bag to Nurse Christy by October 24th.

Camp Packing

Click here for a camp packing list.


Calling all candy! Please continue to bring candy for camp Trick-or-Treat fun.

Candy for Camp

Click this link for peanut/tree nut free candy options. Please send candy for camp to school by Friday, October 7th.


Language Arts/Social Studies:
Next week, we are continuing with expository text. Students will be reading Rattlers. Students will also begin a Halloween poem using rhyme scheme. In Social Studies, we will study the Pilgrims and the thirteen original colonies. We will be learning how they are similar and different, as well learning the strengths of the leaders.

Mark the Date: Colonial Day, November 18

Students will be learning how to divide decimals by whole numbers, using models and algorithms.


Next week the students will wrap up their matter unit with the completion of their New Matter Discovery Project. Their project is due Wednesday, Oct. 19th and will count as a double daily grade. Then, we will start a new unit discussing different forms of energy. Students will have an opportunity to experiment with electrical circuits, mechanical energy and thermal energy.