Jackson Pollock


Jackson Pollock

A fact about Jackson Pollock is he was born on January 28 ,1912 ,also in Cody Wyoming,Jackson was an artist studying with Thomas Hart Benton but before him having traditional techniques for Jackson to explore his abstraction expressions via his splatter with action piece,which involved him pouring paint onto the canvases.

While the Pollock family was living in Los Angeles,Jackson decide to enroll in the Manual Arts High School,he had little success drawing and expressing himself.He ended up getting expelled because he started fights.

Jackson Pollock blazed a trail for other Abstract artist to follow him.

One of Jackson Pollock's famous painting that was made during the drip period in 1947 and also 1950.Then he became popular after being featured in a life magazine.The article asked many questions for example, “ Is he the greatest living painter in the United States?”after that the Life magazine morphed Pollock’s world over that night.

A reason Jackson Pollock is Famous because in the 1950s Jackson Pollock continued produced figurative black and white work paintings into rich impasto as well as new types of painting .The advanced critics were supporting Jackson Pollock strongly,but was the subject was all too much for him.

Another passenger with Pollock named Edith Metzger was also killed and Pollock was also thrown up 50 feet into a birch tree and he also had crashed car and sadly he died immediately ,after 10 p.m August 11,1956 only a mile away from his house

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