Charlotte Bobcats

What's In A Name

Team Information

Name of Team: Charlotte Bobcats

Country: U.S.

State: North Carolina

City: Charlotte

Region: Mid Atlantic

Language Spoken: English

Physical Feature of this Region: Appalachian Mountains

Interesting Fact: Charlotte was settled by a wider range of people than New England.

Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot: Bobcats

Nicknames for the Charlotte Bobcats: Hornets

The Bobcats do not connect to the culture of the region.

The Charlotte Bobcats are changing there mascot to the Hornets in 2014-2015 season.


The Bobcats were established in 2004.

Robert Johnson was the founder of the team.

The Bobcats do not connect to the history of the region.

Bobcats were admitted into the NBA in 2004.


The Time Warner Cable Arena is the Bobcats's arena.

It used to be called Charlotte Bobcats Arena.

Stadium naming has shifted in the past years to promote corporate trade names.

Time Warner Cable paid for naming rights.