Weekly Newsletter - Mr. Ruiz's 5th

Ponder Elementary - October 27th, 2020

What's going on this week?

This week is Red Ribbon Week, from October 27-30th. Students may dress up from the designated days on the calendar in the picture to the left. Have fun!

The 3rd and final week of Parent/Teacher Conferences end this week! For those parents who weren't able to meet last week, please sign up. I only have 6 slots left. If none of them work with your schedule I will make a call home!


The beginning of the 2nd 9 weeks starts today!

TMSCA academic competition and practice info handed out last week. If your child is interested in practicing, participating and competing please sign up with the info provided on the hand out.

UIL will also have tryouts later this week.

A few weeks ago, a parent compact form was sent home. Once you have gone over it with your child, please have your child and you sign and date it, and return it to me. Thanks!

In the Classroom!

Math - We are finishing up our Unit 2 in Math. Our focus has been Prime and Composite #s, Order of Operations and we are working on Algebraic Reasoning this week. We will focus on additive and multiplicative patterns as well as expressions with a missing value that is represented by a variable shown by a letter.

Science - We have learned about our inherited vs. learned traits within STEMscopes. Last week we also learned about life cycles. This is a really quick unit and our class has gone through several quizizz and STEMscope reviews last week for our test today. We went through them again this morning on Tuesday.

ELAR - We have been working on Text Structure within Informational Texts, Story Elements, Figurative Language, Author's Point of View, Inferencing and Plot Elements recently.

I am on Ch. 19 in reading the chapter book "Restart". Today students read a Newsela article about saving pets when you are in a natural disaster. Natural disasters is our current theme in our 3rd Module in HMH (reading/grammar book) We have read about volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. With an emphasis placed on how to be safe during a natural disaster.

I teach within the ELAR block, a workshop model, that allows students to get at least 20 minutes of independent reading a day with "must do" and "can do" options for the students to explore the daily focus. I also have been working on tracking each students IRL (independent reading level) to help them grow as readers!

S.S. - In Social Studies we are working on European Colonization of the New World and starting with the 13 colonies and important features of each state. We have started learning about the first English settlers and what they had to do once they arrive to the New World.

Lion Laws

Students have been following the Lion Laws, showing they are Respectful, Responsible, Being Safe and Being Ready. Students when showing these characteristics are given Lion tickets that they turn into the office on Thursdays for a drawing on Friday. Winning students will get a fun activity or a special treat with the principal at the end of the day on Friday! We have seen many students following the Lion Laws to make this a great year of behavior!