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Big picture

Where are we headed?


A simple answer to the question above is that we will know more soon and that we are ready to dare greatly no matter what!

So much has happened and many decisions are still in the "pending" arena for policy at the city/state level since we saw each other at Town Hall. Ideas that could even push the start of school or mask policies. Every part of our days is open to adapting to what is needed for safety as we learn more and more.


What I do know is that soon we will have a statement from our partners in the Archdiocese so we can move forward together. Ideally, by Monday. I will let you know if this gets delayed and if there are any pending changes to our August 17 start date. You have been so patient and I, too, am ready to roll with whatever it takes for ANY situation.

A quick summary of local and national decrees that have evolved since we discussed re-opening at Town Hall follows after this letter.


In our Gospels-- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John--we encounter so many of the same stories and teachings of Christ, yet each is presented in different ways. Even of their author's-, a tax collector, a doctor, the youngest disciple and follower of Peter, varied in their experiences and emphasis on Jesus' life and message. The diversity means the Gospel message is better able to adapt to different personality types and different people who read the texts with the common goal of spreading the good news.

Jesus was the master of adapting to how communities learned to make God known, loved, and served. Please know, like our model Christ the Teacher, we are united in spirit to share what is needed for our dragons and adapt to what we need as a school community.


We cannot do this without YOUR VOICE. One more survey for now, please make sure you have completed your Enrollment Verification--it has now changed due to new information---if you too have changed, fill it out again. If you did it already and nothing has changed for your family, no need to do again.

If you haven't done it yet, it was due today AND I'm extending to Monday at 12PM. Support us in supporting you!


We will still have our Aug townhall to discuss curriculum, school day schedule, and instruction. We are also holding another this Tuesday so we can compare your data, discuss the upcoming Archdiocesan statement and data to support our teachers.

Blessings and prayers,

Ms. Salazar

NEW TownHall, No.2: Data on Re-Entry--Numbers for virtual instruction vs in-person, class size

Tuesday, July 28th, 5:30-6:45pm


To discuss your survey data, teacher data AND Archdiocesan statement.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 362 174 5604

Passcode: 1960

2) Safety Plan and Town Hall


Town hall was PRIOR to these local and national developments:

  1. Friday, July 17 Letter from our Superintendent West released this letter (that will be in our newsletter today) stating we are ready to open for any situation.
  2. Friday, July 17 Metro Health and Mayor Ron Announced that all Bexar schools must remain virtual until September 7.
  3. Friday, July 17 our Attorney General ruled that Texas religious schools need not comply with local public health orders See the official letter here.
  4. Thursday, July 23 CDC updated Guidelines for Opening Schools

Town Hall No. 3: Back to School--Daily Schedule and Curriculum

Tuesday, Aug. 4th, 5:30-6:30pm


Enrollment Options: VERIFY ON SURVEY BY 7/27 AT 12PM

Choose your learning need.

1) Traditional, In-Person

  • Virtual (as needed for PK to 8th) available (i.e. student tests positive, sickness at home, etc).
  • Full regular tuition rate with Tech provided as needed.
  • Uniform optional for PreK3, PreK4 and Kinder (may still purchased and will be required in following year)
  • Mass uniform required for assigned Mass day for K to 8th. Mass uniform or Flynn O'Hara Polos required on non-mass days with Flynn O'Hara Jumper, Skirt OR with any black Knee Length Bermuda shorts or black, non-form fitting (i.e. yoga pants, skinny jeans) slacks.

2) Entirely Virtual (PreK3 to 8th)

  • 2nd to 8th grade: Online self-paced curriculum with an assigned teacher (most likely NOT grade level homeroom).
  • PreK to 1st must meet with Principal on Zoom to discuss early childhood logistics/developmental appropriateness
  • MUST live stream ELA, MATH, and Religion Class at the scheduled time.
  • May attend after school extracurriculars or Mass.
  • Full Tuition Cost PLUS tech returnable deposit AND rental fee if using a school device. Can apply rental and deposit to purchase the device or return in good condition to receive the deposit back.
  • Uniform not required.


  • A pilot program with PreK and Kinder online curriculum.
  • Recommended for PreK families that cannot commit to full time online AND want to learn basic skills while being part of our community (Kinder families will have to interview with principal to determine if it is a good fit).
  • Not full curriculum, lower cost.
  • Entirely online
  • Includes 2, 30 min online interactive sessions daily (either live-streamed from class or done by a virtual teacher) for $75/month
  • May include weekly one-on-one or small group tutoring, Mass, and curriculum workbooks for an additional cost ($285 for the year)
  • Uniform not required.

Uniform Information

  • NEW---OPTIONAL for PreK3, PreK4, Kinder (must follow free dress guidelines). Will go back to required NEXT school year.
  • 1st to 8th Grade: Uniform required, details on what to buy below.
  • NEW: ALL, may purchase black KNEE LENGTH BERMUDA shorts or black slacks (must not be form-fitting or denim like skinny jeans) at a vendor of choice.


  • We understand shopping is difficult right now.
  • You have until September 1 to budget for and settle into your uniform. If you need an extension, let me know.
  • You can purchase online or in-store.
  • You can shop our gently used store at school by appointment (great prices!!). Call 210-658-6701 to set up a time!

Uniform Cheat Sheet

5) Opt into buying School Supplies with SMCS: $65 Bulk Purchase/student or Buy on Own

In survey above, opt into bulk buying

Supplies for PK to 8th grade will be $65 if you choose to purchase through SMCS. Bonus as we are tax-exempt and have negotiated to get bulk pricing well below what you will find online or in stores. We are not profiting from this service and giving you the price we receive.


  • Catholic Student Planner from SMCS (required for 3rd to 8th grade), $3.95
  • St. Mary's Press Youth Bible for 5th grade (recommended for any NEW 6th-8th grade students), $29.98 if purchased on own, $25 if purchased through SMCS.
  • Testing compliant headphones with mic, AVID, $11.95

St. Monica Catholic School

Daring greatly in faith, academics, and service since 1960.