CalYOUTH Conference Call Agenda

May 21, 2013

Dial: 424-203-8075 Code: 224529#

Study Update

  • Completes: 280
  • Response Rate: 31.75%
  • Score 1 Cases Remaining: 67
  • Score 1 Appointments: 11

Replacement Showcard

  • Showcard #12 reflects changes requested by the client
  • The option "no one" is now included in the section asking "who provided..."
  • When you receive the new card, replace it in your booklet. The instrument will shortly begin to reflect the change.

Difficulties with Non-Responding Case Workers?

  • This all applies only to cases that are currently in the Case Worker Contact phase and for which we have not yet been able to speak with a Case Worker.
  • Protocol says that we need to make 10 contact attempts before we can kick the case up to the client to call the County-Level Supervisor.
  • For cases that are between 5-10 contacts where we haven't heard back from the listed caseworker, one middle-ground solution is to call the county's social service/foster care desk and speak with the "Worker of the Day" or person on "Desk Duty".
  • Ask for Case Worker listed on the case. It may turn out that they are on vacation, on leave, or they may no longer work there. If any of these are the case, it might make sense to ask who is covering the case currently and proceed from there.
  • Note: we do not ever want to be googling participants, caregivers or even case workers, but taking a minute or two online to find a general social services help line at the county level may help.
  • Make sure that you check to see which county is responsible for each Respondent in CaseReport -- it is not always the one in which they reside.

Interviewing on Memorial Day

  • Don't suggest a holiday interview with R, only set one up if:
  1. it comes as a specific request for that day from R
  2. you yourself are ok with conducting the interview on that day.