if i were the giver i would....

make the community better

Different religions

The giver should give him a memory to celebrate any religion or play any sport that he likes. If he likes A different team and his community likes another thing he should have the right to be a fan of any sport in this world that could ever exist

Memory for changes Jonas community

Thesis are the most important top three things in making a good community to help it grow,and having different ideas to put into the community as something designed into the community

Freedom/rights for Jonas memory

Freedom Battle ~ A Classical Tribute to World War 1

For example in world war 1 & 2 for Canada they fighted for there rights and freedom and peace they fought to get back there land and protect there country a lot of people risked there life to keep our freedom,and every November 11th we do a assembly to respect all thoses who died to have the freedom for ever in Canada.

The Giver

For example the elders in the novel the giver they took all the rights to and freedom to do anything, they erased there minds to never seen all the rights that a human should have, the elders should give respect to the community to get respect back if they all stand up vote for a different leader for the community u will get the rights of a basic human right.

The giver

In the community Jonas didn't feel that his parents loved him,all thoses things that a family haves only 3 people know what it is,but they keep it a secret because the elders do not allow the the the giver or the receiver.But the receiver risked his life to make a change to the community all thoses secrets to that the elders kept a secret all came back to the community.Jonas was a hero to the community and a special guy that felt they should get back all the good memory's to the community that they deserve,he was a HERO to them.