Wilson Weekly

Week of April 8th, 2019

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Action Items

  • Flex Hours - The deadline for completion of your 18 hours of Flex Time is the end of April. Please make sure that all hours are documented in Eduphoria.
  • Morning Announcements - It is a campus expectations that every class watch the announcements each morning. If you are having tech difficulties accessing them, please place a ticket.
  • SBDM - Our final SBDM Meeting will be April 15th @ 3:30. Please mark your calendar!
  • Lockdown Drill - Please note that there will be a lockdown drill on April 12th @ 10:00.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday - Due to STAAR testing, please note that there will be no tutoring or Clubs on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please be sure to notify your kids and parents.

Safety Tip - Be at the front of your line during drills. Many times, kids don't know where to go. Leading the way helps to keep lines moving smoothly.

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Thank you everyone for your flexibility in ensuring a successful and smooth 2 days of testing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There will be no changes to the lunch schedule either day. The only significant change is that there will be no Specials on Tuesday, because the team is helping with testing.

Here are some important general announcements/notes for next week:

  • Dictionary and Thesaurus - 1 per 5 learners
  • No Fitbits or Apple Watches for test administrators
  • Testing Rooms will need to be covered by Friday, April 5th. Cooper & Jordan will check rooms Monday morning.
  • B Hall - Please use the A/B Restrooms on Tuesday.
  • C Hall - Please use the B/C Restrooms on Tuesday.
  • Testers upstairs should use the upstairs restroom.
  • K-3 - Please use the front hallway (by the Office) to get to lunch.
  • Art will be in the gym on Wednesday.

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Dyslexia Training

The original Google form that was sent out to document who completed training did not have a space for your name. I am not sure what I was thinking! I updated it a few weeks ago and added a space for your name! However, if you took the quiz before I added the name slot, I won’t be able to give you credit. Please, email me if you took the quiz so that we can give you Flex credit.

- Jordan

Here are the names I do have:

Mayra Ordonez Dominguez ,Christine Scovill, Kaylyn Hickey, Corrinne Johnson, Carol Ortega, Kristy Cash, Kelly Clay, Jo LeBlanc, charlotte spainhower, Andi Feille, Sarah Gambill, Kasey Cross, Jennifer Hubble, Shailanee Chandrasekhar, Kathryn Ondelacy, David Noel
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EOY RtI Meetings

To maximize our time, I am asking that you complete certain sections of the RtI form in AWARE prior to our LAST set of meetings!

For your RtI learners please update the following:

  • Date of Meeting

  • Response to Intervention

  • Action to Be Taken

  • Notes from RtI Meeting to Review Progress


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2019-2020 Class Lists

We have set the dates to build class list for most grade levels, so I wanted to share with you our plan!

  • Pick up student profile cards in my office. I have created blue for your boys and pink for your girls.
  • Michelle has sent each grade level a report that has each learner’s profile. This is just a resource to help you complete your learner profile cards. Please have them filled out by the time we meet to build class list for your grade level!
  • After we build class lists, I will upload the learner profile spreadsheet (that Michelle sent out) to Google sheets. I will add a column for RtI stuff and a column for the learners' teacher for next year. We will then sort this by Educator, and you will have a nice spreadsheet to start the year off next year that encompasses important info for each of our returning learners.

Let me know if you have questions!

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Week At A Glance


  • Specials Team Time
  • College Shirt & Jeans
  • Have a great Monday!


  • No Team Time / No Specials
  • Feel free to wear jeans and a CISD/Wilson shirt!
  • 4th Writing / 5th Math STAAR
  • Lunch Provided!
  • No tutoring or Clubs


  • No Team Time
  • Normal Specials Schedule (Art meet in the Gym).
  • Feel free to wear jeans and a CISD/Wilson shirt.
  • 5th Reading STAAR
  • Lunch Provided
  • 3rd Grade Field Trip to Life Safety Park
  • No tutoring or Clubs
  • No after school meeting


  • Possible STAAR Make-Up Testing
  • Cooper Out
  • 3rd/4th Bluebonnet Party - 1:45


  • Rise & Shine
  • Lockdown Drill - 10:00
  • 1st Grade Field Trip to the Zoo
  • 5th Bluebonnet Party - 1:45