United States of America

Land of the free and home of the brave

History of the USA

The United States was first inhabited by indigenous people, various Native American tribes. Europeans began settling in the 1600s. The English settlers were called colonists. They rose up and broke off their allegiance and political ties to the British Empire through the Revolutionary War. This began the United States of America as we know it today.

Geographical Information

The US, located in North America, has many geographical features. On the east coast, there is the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountain Range. On the west coast, there is the Pacific Ocean and many mountain ranges, the Rocky Mountain Range is the largest. Between the two coasts lies the Great Plains.

The Evolution of the American Flag

Major Cities


The major tourist destinations are New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.


The United States is a constitution based federal republic (democracy). There are three branches of government that divide up the power: Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary.


The US currency is the dollar. Currently the American dollar is equivalent to .80 Euro. Essentially every $10 is 8 Euros.

Interesting Facts

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