Sojourner Truth

By Antonio N. Gordillo

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Sojourner Truth had been born in Rifton NY,and was born in 1797 the exact date is unconfirmed this brave woman had died at the age of 86 on November 26, 1883 one of her amazing quotes were "I am not going to die, I'm going home like a shooting star and she did.


As a child Ms.Truth was known as Isabella Baumfree the main reason we don't have her exact birth date is due to the fact that most slave's birth dates are not recorded. Later in her years of a slave in 1827 her master was suppose to let her go but failed to do so. So she had ran away months later she became a preacher.


Ms.Truth being a slave did not have an education but when she had went to John Dumont at West Side NY. Where during these years she learned english


Being a slave Ms.Truth did not know her parents all that well but 12 slaves she knew were very close to here. Around 1817 she met her love known as Robert another fellow slave but Robert's master forbade their love due to money reasons. So she met another man named Thomas and they got married and had a boy Peter and two daughters Sophia and Elizabeth.


Near 1827 she became a preacher for African Americans June 1,1843 she went from Isabelle went from that to Ms.Truth. She began to fight for Woman's rights as well as Abolition and ended up joining N.A.E


One of her biggest things that she had done was her famous speech known as "Ain't I a Woman". Getting a lot of attention for her giving her a great image to a lot of people and her abolition movement gained a lot of momentum

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