VMBA BOD January Update

Thank You For Your Help!

January has been productive!

* The VMBA member coupon book is complete and ready for print.

* The "Hot List" was disseminated and has been viewed 230+ times

* An updated corridor manager MOU between VMBA and FPR has been submitted

* The web site has been updated - much more to come for vmba.org

* All IT attached to VMBA membership has been tested and is ready to roll

* A VMBA branding process has started with Cottage 10

* A draft of the Vermont Trails Designation application was written and submitted to the state

* VMBA has generated $5000 towards the "VMBA Trails Grant Program"

* The Trails Grant will be promoted among chapters upon final BOD approval

* The 2013 budget was completed

* Established new relationships with 30 vendors in Vermont

* VMBA updated the vermontvacation.com's mountain biking content

* VMBA chapters seeking tourism are building vacation packages to be promoted by the state

* UVM was contacted seeking collaborative research opportunities to investigate VT MTBing

* Developed the Federal filing for the group 501c3 status

* Both chapter and D&O insurance policies were activated

* Festival planning is underway

* Sponsorship funds from Long Trail Brewery and Darn Tough Socks will be paid in Feb.

* Stowe Mountain Bike Club has embraced VMBA's chapter programs

* Three new chapters have been confirmed for 2013

February Work

* VMBA BOD approval of the 2013 budget

* If budget is approved, VMBA will hire 1/4 time employee (1099)

* VMBA BOD approval of the VMBA Trails Grant application

* VMBA member benefits will be announced on vmba.org on the 15th

* The Landowner Relations Packet will get a lot of time

* Federal tax status for chapters will be completed

* Youth program sponsor proposal will be followed up on

* VMBA member coupon books will be printed

* Cottage 10 work will conclude by March 1st

* VMBA will be re-connecting with Ski Vermont seeking promotional opportunities

* VMBA will begin the work of building online templates for chapters

* Festival planning will continue

* VMBA BOD will ensuring VMBA is well represented on all chapter web sites

* VMBA will engage in every possible avenue of membership promotion

* VMBA sponsored chapter trail building clinic instructors and content will be sorted

Regarding the budget approval - you all have a copy of the budget. I propose we open the document for comment until the end of Tuesday next week. I'll makes shifts based on your feedback and send the "final" version for your approval on Friday.

Simultaneously, the BOD needs to approve the VMBA Trails Grant Application - thanks to John and Brooke for assisting me in putting together a strong process. Please forgive the timing in relation to the budget's approval. This is a time sensitive opportunity for chapters as we need to be cognizant of state grant deadlines.

Thank you all for your efforts on VMBA's behalf. As you can see, there is a lot shaking with the association right now. If you have questions about any of the above items please give me a call. Thank You.

Tom - 342.7568