Religion Philosophy and the arts

Caleb K.


He helped the democracy by introducing reforms but his most important rule was to have the city pay a salary to its officials. That meant that poor citizens could afford to hold public office.

The Gods


Zeus was the god of all gods. His specialty was his lighting bolt. He lived on Mt. Olympus. People honored him because he was the god of every god there is and everybody respected him.


I like dogs. I play video games, and i love to play sports.

The search

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Its so amazing because its a place created a long tome ago. Also its a good place that tourist come to and take pictures.

Visual arts

Poets created comedies that made fun of well-known citizens and politicians. Plus made jokes about the customs of the day. They did a lot of tragedies. Some of them talked about people dieing. Pus the characters were destroyed when forced to make impossible choices.

What i enjoyed.

I loved a lot

I liked seeing the different gods and what they did. I like seeing the Parthenon because i have never seen it before. I liked to figure out what kinda plays they did because its cool to know that they have been doing comedies for a long time. But what i loved the most is creating the smore.