Ms. Nobleza's News from Room 301

A.P. English Literature & I.B. Senior English

Welcome to Quarter 2!

Dear Senior Parents & Guardians,

Second quarter is a very important time for Senior students: by now most students have completed several College Applications and are finishing up their applications and beginning to apply for scholarships. Also, January 1st, 2014 is the first day to complete the FAFSA (free Financial Student Aid for students going on to college). Other resources for finding Scholarships and Grants include:

  • (where the CPS Scholarship Bulletin is located)

Besides Quarter 2 being stressful for turning in College Applications and beginning Scholarships, students need to do very well for the quarter to improve grades. All Semester 1 grades will be sent to the colleges where students have already applied in order to show the school that the student is still working hard!

AP Lit - Quarter 2 Report

The students in A.P. Literature have read a myriad of texts already this semester, including Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, Kate Chopin's The Awakening, and Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. During Quarter 2 students will focus on British Poetry from 1500-1850s including works by John Donne, John Keats, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Throughout this semester, students will continue working through the Barron's AP book they bought in September. Already this year, I've been extremely impressed with the students' hard work: this group of A.P. Literature students have the highest essay scores at this point in the year than any of the previous 7 years of A.P. groups I have taught!

IB English - Quarter 2 Report

The I.B. Seniors are working hard to prepare for their last Internal Assessment in English: the Individual Oral Commentary (IOC). Their IOC is scheduled for December 11th - 18th. For the examination, students will randomly choose one John Donne poem we have studied in class, have 20 minutes to annotate and prepare notes on the poem, and then will be tape recorded with me for their Oral Commentary. The Oral will last 20 minutes: the student will discuss the poem for 10 minutes and then will have a conversation with me about one of the other texts we have read in class this year for an additional 10 minutes. In order to help your son/daughter do their best, encourage them to study all their poems careful and engage them in conversation about the texts they have read: Hamlet and A Christmas Carol. Perhaps if you have dinner together every Sunday night, you can ask questions like: who is your favorite character in Hamlet? or what is your favorite scene in A Christmas Carol? General questions like these will help them be prepared to do their very best!

Contact Me!

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