Municipal Water of Flint Michigan

Lead poisoning

How it all began...

Beginning in the year 2014, the city of Flint,Michigan has been experiencing issues with their water. The drinking water in Flint has been contaminated going on 2 years now. It all started when the city of Flint decided to switch the water source to save money.They were planning on switching their source to Lake Huron, but started using water from the Flint River until everything with Lake Huron was completed. Not too long after this switch comes complains about the taste, smell, and appearance of the water.

The crisis begins.

By late summer in 2014, Flint residents are advised to boil their water before the use of it. The water has been tested positive for E.Coli and the coliform bacteria. A General Motors in the city of Flints begins to realize that this water rusts and corrodes car parts. At the beginning of 2015, the city of Flint releases the fact that the water contains high levels of byproducts of water disinfectant chemicals called trihalomethanes. Even through all of this, officials still continued to say the water was safe to drink. There is now evidence that there maybe traces of lead leading in to Flints water sources.

Governor Rick Snyder

Richard Snyder is the 48th governor of the state of Michigan. Elected for a second time in the year of 2014. An American politician, business executive, and apart of the Republican party. Pledged to take responsibility in the water crisis. Plans to spend $1 million to buy water filters and test the water in the public schools.

The crisis continues...

Gov. Snyder has given the city of Flint $2 million to improve its water system. In early April, Flint once again fails Safe Drinking Water Act because of disinfectants in the water. Homes and schools become infected with lead traced water more and more each day. In September of 2015 it was determined that the Flint River water is 19 times more corrosive as Detroit tap water.It was estimated that at least one in six homes in Flint have high levels of lead in their water. Flint advises residents to only cook with and drink cold water has the levels of lead become higher and higher. In October of 2015, their were found to be traces of lead in the blood of children because of the issues going on in the schools. Flint then switches back to Detroit water.

Marc Edwards

Marc Edwards is a professor at Virginia Tech. He is a environmental engineering professor. Edwards was able to show the difference in the water in Flint and the water in Detroit. About a decade before the Flint Crisis, Edward was able to prove that corrosion in the nation's capital's piped caused lead to seep into the water supply and pass through faucets and shower heads. He challenged the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to admit they were wrong about the affects the lead had on the children.

Current day.

In January 2016, Governor Snyder declared a state of emergency in flint and the Department of Justice opened an investigation on the issue. Snyder asks the National Guard for help in distributing bottles of water to the residents of Flint and filters as well. Legionnaires disease is now a cause from this water crisis. President Barack Obama has called a state of emergent for Flint and offered $80 million to aid the Flint crisis.

Because of this...

Children now have to get screened to check for lead and adults as well. Unborn children are at risk of being born with lead poisoning. As long as this goes unsolved, residents of Flint will have to go on with filthy contaminated water.
Lead In The Water In Flint, Michigan