To Be Safe Online

This is how to be safe online.

Information On How To Be Safe

  • When you post online everyone can see what you posted and they can save it, if you were to take it down they would still have it.
  • Don't give out your personal information to just anyone. Make sure you can trust the website or the person etc.
  • Always make your password something you can remember but something hard to guess. A good password would be 8 letters with symbols and numbers.
  • Don't post personal things online or your identity could be stolen.
  • Always have anti-spyware on you computer that way no one can spy on your computer.
  • Have your browser updated at all times to make it harder for the people to steal things from you.
  • Have an updated software at all times.
  • When you post things on the internet make sure its something that you would be okay with you grandma seeing. Something that's not inappropriate.
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A Video To Show You How To Be Safe And Help