Erik Fisher

How did his desicions affect Paul Fisher?

Choice #1

on page 263 and 264, Paul remembers what REALLY happened with his eyesight. In his flashback it said " Then I felt him grab me from behind, easily pinning both of my arms with one of his. I could hear a voice crying 'I didn't do it, I didn't do it!' and I could remember eriks hand press open my eyelids open while Vincent Castor sprays whit spray-paint in them." In this sentence it tells us why he went blind. This effected Paul because his whole life he went legally blind, and he was lied to about how he went blind, and he gets kicked off the soccer team because of it.

Choice #2

Erik decides to hit Tino in the head when Paul's science group comes over to work on a project. It all happend because Tino was making fun of him "Immediately, faster than I thought he could, faster than Tino thought he could, Erik lashed out, smashing the back of his hand across his face. This affected Paul because he had to keep it from his parents and it was building up inside of him.

Choice #3

Paul played soccer because of Erik, since he was involved in it first. He doesn't seem to like his brother Erik that much, Claiming he gets more attention than him. In the story Erik was the star soccer player but Paul took over and Erik decided to play football. In the book It said "I came across a box labeled 'Erik's Trophies'. I felt a surge od anger." So Eriks choice of him starting off playing soccer made him start to play it. Maybe even to get attention from his parents.

Choice #4

Erik and Arthur were saying rude things In front of Joey, In the text it said "yeah there was nothng wrong with his shoes, the kids had some money coming!" and "I didn't know Mohawk man had a brother". Joey was very confused on the statements, But Paul was very mad at Erik and it kind of made their relationship worse then it already is, and it foreshadows that are more events to come in between their relationship.