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prison:Anastasia time period: world war 1


about anaistashia rosinoiv

that Anastasia maybe still be alive with her brother in world war 1 ( this is them when they were little kids). Anastasia was a good little girl her mother was Alexandra feodorovna and her father was

Nicholas ll of Russia

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anaistashia and her mom and dad

here are the questions

how did Anastasia roseinovs family died, when was her death,

now here is some stuff from world war 1 who started the war, when was the war

world war 1

the prson who started the war was Russia it started in July 28 1914 and end in November 11 1918

about anaistashia and world war 1

anaistashia in world war 1 was tariffing to see the war because it was the worst of any war

anaistashia and her family were killed dearing world war 1 in a cellar they were shot and killed but people believed that anaistashia and here brother are still alive becuse they were proted by famly Jules they thought they were still alive but some day later they found the last of the roseval famly