A Peek at Our Week

October 12-16, 2015

Language Arts

Reading: (RF1.3, RF1.4, RL. 1.1, RL1.2, RL1.3

L1.4, W1.3, W1.5, W1.6, W1.8,L1.1, and L1.2

Phonics sounds for the week: /y/, /v/, /le/,and long a /a_e/

We will be reading “Frog Gets His Song” and “Soccer Song”. We will be working on the structure of a story. Continue to read at home and review daily work with your child!

We are practicing plural endings. We have been working on how to write a short story and staying on topic. We will begin the publishing process on a narrative piece from our writing.


OA5, OA6,

This week we will be working on subtraction. Students will learn to use ton use zero when subtracting. We will also use related facts to solve subtraction problems.

50's Day

On Oct. 22nd your child will need to come dressed like a person from the 1950’s. Girls might be able to borrow a poodle skirt from an older student. Boys can wear jeans, white t-shirt, and slick their hair back! It should be a fun day!

Spelling Words













Social Studies

We will begin our study of past and present. The students will be looking at how things have changed in the following areas: transportation, communication, apparel, and recreation.

Important Dates

Oct. 12th –School Closed for Fall Break

Oct. 16th - Friday Freeze

Oct. 22nd —50th Day of School

Oct. 27th- Field Trip to Imagination Place

Oct. 30th- End of the 1st trimester

October Lunch Reservations

Lunch time 11:50-12:20

Flu Mist Clinic

Flu mist clinic forms will be sent home Monday, 10/5/15, and should be returned by 10/16/15. The flu mist clinic will be on October 23rd . This clinic will be for students that ARE NOT covered by PEEHIP insurance. If your child can not be around the flu mist due to a medical reason , please contact Nurse Dawna at 228-3214. If you have PEEHIP insurance, please email your child’s teacher so Nurse Dawna can send you the correct form for the PEEHIP flu clinic. The clinic for students covered by PEEHIP will be on November 4th.