Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 5 Easter Term 15th- 19th February 2016

Dates For Your Diary

February 22nd - 'Beyond the Haze' contest submissions due

(optional: please contact your class teacher or school newsletter for more information)​

February 25th - Global Family Festival Parade (Dress Up Day)

February 29th - March 4th - Maths Week

March 10th- Prep 2 Reading Workshop for Parents 8 am

March 16th- Prep 2 Easter Bonnet Parade and Celebration of Learning 8 am
March 18th - April - Easter Holiday
May 2nd - Labor Day/National Holiday (school is closed)
May 13th - Founder's Day: 1/2 day for students

May 26th- Prep 2 Sports Day.
June 17th - Last day of Summer Term; holidays begin


This week in IPC, the children have been gaining a great deal of knowledge from their parent presentations from a variety of home countries. We have had many discussions about languages, food, crafts, and buildings from different home countries.

The children are exploring a variety of maps like the map of Singapore, tourist maps, road maps, country maps, world maps and the globe. We discussed about the 7 continents on the map and which continent their home country belongs to.

Children also talked about the differences between maps on paper and the globe. They have been researching how far their home country is from their host country, along with time differences and the different climates.


This week in Writer's Workshop we are making books focusing on the illustrations. The children have read and looked through a variety of books with great illustrations to get their ideas. Next week we will focus on Eric Carle books and hopefully be inspired to include collage in our illustrations.

We practiced writing the letter y using the correct formation and next week learn the letter j. We continue to encourage the children to write with the correct pencil grip.

Our CAFE focus is Tryin' Lion - Reread It Again. This strategy is helpful for both reading and writing. Often words are missed out during writing sessions and we encourage the children to continually reread what they have written to check that it makes sense.


This week we started with Number Bonds. We looked at how whole numbers are split into parts and put back together again to make the whole. We explored this by using blocks, pictures and our own bodies. We are beginning to realise that there are more ways than one to make a number (i.e. 1 and 5 make 6, 0 and 6 make 6, 2 and 4 make 6, 3 and 3 make 6 etc.). The picture below shows how we use circles to represent the Part Part Whole concept.

Next week we will continue to explore the many ways of making and breaking up numbers to 10.

Big image


SJII is partnering with Beyond the Haze (an initiative co-founded by SJII parent Paul Judge) to launch an exciting and educational school-wide contest​ that supports our school sustainability program.

SJII is joining several other local schools in participating in the Beyond the Haze contest, which challenges students to look into the root causes of Singapore's annual haze problem and think of ways they can make a difference in saving the environment.

Students will be eligible to win prizes including a 3D2N trip to the Sumatran Orang-utan Conservation Program (SOCP) in Indonesia, Kindle tablets, and more. Please encourage your children as they put together their submissions and visit their Facebook page at to learn more! Together we can promote greater environmental awareness at the school.

SJII parent Paul Judge and fellow expat Irene Wong founded community group Beyond the Haze with an intent to increase awareness about the root causes and effects of deforestation in Southeast Asia. They will be hosting an exhibition of SJII entries at the school later this term, and they will also also hold a contest-ending awards ceremony and gala event in April.

About Beyond the Haze

Beyond the Haze is a community of ordinary people who want to preserve our environment for future generations. We believe that through education we can inspire people to look beyond the haze and take positive action to save our environment by making informed decisions about what we buy, eat, and use.

About the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP)

SOCP is one of the foremost authorities on the status and distribution of remaining orang-utans in Sumatra, Indonesia. Their work focuses on habitat protection, reintroduction of confiscated pets to the wild, education, survey work and scientific research.

Competition details

Posterise it! (Ages 5-9)

What’s going on behind the haze? Design a poster that explains why there is a haze problem and why this needs to stop. The poster may depict damage to the rainforest, the affect animals/people, or even paper and palm oil products. The poster can be in any style and can be painted, drawn, or designed with computer graphics.

Prizes (2 age categories)

1st Prize - Kindle Fire Tablet, Beyond The Haze gift pack, 1-year subscription to Asian Geographic Junior Magazine.

Runners Up (x2) - Beyond The Haze gift pack, 1-year subscription to Asian Geographic Junior Magazine.

*Entries in by no later than 22nd February.

** Look out for posters around the school



It has been a joy to watch the children actively demonstrate kindness to their peers and teachers this week. We have enthusiastically been collecting kindness hearts which will look stunning on our kindness tree when completed.

Next week's virtue is 'gentleness'.