Weekly Glimpse

From Fourth Grade 8/31/2018

Language Arts and social studies

This week we focused on our classroom community.

- hopes and dreams

- created classroom rules

- reviewed classroom routines and procedures

- learned new lunch procedures

- how to use their binders correctly

- spelling pretest

- review of social studies text

Next week

- continuing to build on our classroom community and atmosphere

- begin spelling groups

- Realistic Fiction genre unit

- social studies early history of U.S.

Math and Science

We are off to a GREAT start in 4th grade Math and Science!

This week in math we created Figure Me Out! Number sentences. Our fellow classmates were challenged to solve math problems and use deduction to determine who is who in our classroom! In addition, we played a math game at morning meeting and used our chromebooks to work on Sumdog.

Next week in math class we will review the Math Reference Book and begin our unit on Geometry. Students will be introduced to a variety of math terms and geometric shapes. We will practice using Math Talk. Throughout the week we will continue to hone the speed and accuracy of basic math facts through a variety of games and practice sets.

In science this week, we conducted an experiment where Alka Seltzer tablets were placed in both water and oil. Students observed the difference in the reaction time of the two solvents. Students brainstormed ways that the reaction time could be sped up even further (i.e crushing up the tablets and using vinegar as a solvent). In addition, we discussed the differences between a chemical change and a physical change during our ice cream making activity. Students observed how the ice cream formed as a result of the salt lowering the melting point of the ice and the ice absorbing the heat from the cream in the bag.

Next week we will focus on the Scientific Method and the skills that scientists use to answer questions that they are curious about. Students will set up their interactive notebooks and practice using their senses to make observations.

Teachers' Note

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We posted some photos from this week and of today's afternoon activity. Ice Cream!

Remember to turn in your homework on Tuesday, parents.

Community Gathering on Tuesday morning.

Rita's Ice on Friday, September 7 from 1:00 - 2:30.

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Enjoy the long weekend!