December 1, 2022

WMS Principal's Message

Although we are in the homestretch for semester one, our Performing Arts department will be in full swing during these last few weeks of 2022.

Up first is the WMS Drama Club production of Boat on December 8 and 9, at 6:30 p.m. More than 50 WMS students have been hard at work for many weeks in preparation of these performances. The theme of Boat aligns with our WMS focus this year of building community and making connections with those around us.

I had the opportunity to speak with some of the cast and crew members to find out more about the production and their experiences in drama.

Cadence Newman, eighth grader, shared that being in this production gives students an opportunity to “have a community where you can laugh, have fun, and express yourself.” She wants the WMS community to know that “everyone should come see it!”

Mason Phillips, seventh grader, highlighted that by being a part of this production, “you get to act, get to know new people who like what you like, and you get to hang out with friends while doing something you love.” Mason would like the WMS community to know that the Drama Club will be selling concessions and all proceeds will go to Family Promise of Greater Denver, to support families experiencing homelessness.

Tori Wilderer, sixth grader, is experiencing her first drama production this year. She is part of the lighting and tech crew and will be responsible for one of the spotlights. For Tori, she loves this role because she gets to work with her peers, and even though there is structure in what they are doing, there is still an opportunity to be creative to make each scene the best it can be. Tori credits her dad for encouraging her to be a part of the drama crew, as he was previously a lighting and sound technician. Tori wants the community to know that there isn’t one role that is easier than another with this drama production, and each one is essential—"it takes everyone doing their part to make this happen.”

We are very excited to see our WMS thespians on December 8 and 9 and hope that you will all join us! You will find more information below about the performances and the community service project our WMS Drama Club is working on in conjunction with this production.

On December 12, our WMS Orchestra kicks off our winter concerts with their performance beginning at 6:30 p.m. Next up is our WMS Band winter concert on Wednesday, December 14, at 6:30 p.m., followed by our WMS Choir winter concert on Thursday, December 15, at 6:30 p.m. Come support our Wildcat musicians and enjoy an evening of beautiful music!

Before closing, I would like to ask that you encourage your student to wear cold weather-appropriate clothing on cold and/or snowy days that we are experiencing with greater frequency now. When the temperature is 20 degrees or higher, we will be outside before school and for lunch recess. Thank you for your help with this.

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming performances!

All my best,

Mónica M. García



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WMS Exceptional Volunteer of the Year, Jill Smith!

Jill Smith—the ultimate team player and champion for West Middle School and CCSD. She has served as our PTCO Communications Chairperson, stepped up to fill a gaping hole on our fundraising committee, and engages in nearly every parent event and meeting. Even more important than her participation in these roles and meetings is the positive and optimistic attitude she brings to each task she undertakes and every interaction she has. She never hesitates to jump in and help, even if it means turning her kitchen into a candy-bag stuffing assembly line—she is all in to make West the best! We appreciate you, Jill!


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The Gratitude Project at West Middle School was founded in 2004 to support our troops. Over the years, the West community sent hundreds of care packages from our community to troops deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. We donated thousands of new and gently used clothing items to our local Veterans Hospital, while our choir and orchestra shared the holiday spirit with patients, and AVID collected new socks for our veterans in need. Six years ago, the West Middle School Gratitude Project partnered with Heropuppyforlife.org to raise money to purchase an English Golden Retriever puppy to help a local veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. We are partnering again with Frank Griggs at Hero’s Puppy for Life to raise funds to purchase another puppy (or two) for a veteran suffering from PTSD.

You still have time to donate! Please, help us again this year by making a donation to the Hero’s Puppy for Life Organization. Click this link to donate.

Thank you!


Monday, 12/5:

Math League - C209 3:50-4:40pm

Library Advisory Club Design Hub 3:50-4:40pm

Drama Late Rehersal 3:45-8pm

Tuesday, 12/6:

Spelling Bee Club - C206 3:50-4:40pm

Jazz Band D126 3:50-4:40pm

Minecraft - D111 3:50-4:40pm

Girls Basketball:

7th Grade @ Campus Middle School

8th Grade Home VS Campus Middle School

**games begin after buses finish normal routes and travel players to location

Wednesday, 12/7:

Brain Bowl - B205 3:50-4:40pm

Marvel Universe Club Commons - 3:50-4:40pm

Robotics - D111 3:50-4:40pm

SAGA - A214 3:50-4:40pm

Strategic Games - B202 3:50-4:40pm

Student Council - A207 3:50-4:40pm

Girls Basketball:

7th Grade Home vs Prairie Middle School

8th Grade Home @ Prairie Middle School

**games begin after buses finish normal routes and travel players to location

Thursday, 12/8:

STEMblazers - D110 3:50-4:40pm

Yearbook Club - A208 3:50-4:40pm

NJHS - Commons 3:50-4:40pm

Boat Student performance South Gym 3:50-4:40pm

Fall Play Boat South Gym 6:30-8pm

Friday, 12/9: No Late Buses

Fall Play Boat South Gym 6:30-8pm

Monday, 12/12:

Math League Meet Smoky Hill HS 3:45-6:15pm

Winter Orchestra Concert South Gym 6:30-8pm

Tuesday, 12/13:

Art Club D121 3:50-4:40pm

Jazz Band D126 3:50-4:40pm

Minecraft - D111 3:50-4:40pm

Girls Basketball:

7th Grade @ Laredo Middle School

8th Grade Home vs Laredo Middle School

**games begin after buses finish normal routes and travel players to location

Wednesday, 12/14:

Brain Bowl - B205 3:50-4:40pm

Marvel Universe Club Commons - 3:50-4:40pm

Robotics - D111 3:50-4:40pm

SAGA - A214 3:50-4:40pm

Strategic Games - B202 3:50-4:40pm

Student Council - A207 3:50-4:40pm

Winter Band Concert South Gym 6:30-8pm

Thursday, 12/15:

Yearbook Club - A208 3:50-4:40pm

Winter Choir Concert South Gym 6:30-8pm

Friday, 12/16: No Late Buses

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Campus Middle School PASS Guest Speaker

Our WMS community has been invited to join the Campus Middle School community on December 6th for the CMS Diversity & Inclusion/PASS Meeting. The topic of this meeting will be around inclusivity. This meeting will be held in the CMS Cafeteria from 6-7:30 pm and over Teams. The guest speaker will be UnSuk Zucker, from Promise54, who will speak on the topic of “How to Build an Inclusive School Environment and Improve Outcomes for ALL Students”. The link for the meeting is below if you would like to attend virtually.

We hope many WMS families can attend in person or virtually.

Click here to join the meeting


WMS Girls’ Basketball

Girls’ Basketball

The 7th and 8th grade girls’ basketball season has officially begun! If your student is interested in joining, please have them show up to practice after school in the Gym. The fee to join basketball is $60 for 8th grade and $30 for 7th grade, which can be paid using Revtrak. Please reach out to Coach Carter (8th Head Coach), ecarter3@cherrycreekschools.org, or to Coach Nahorniak (7th Head Coach), enahorniak@cherrycreekschools.org, for more information.

The 6th grade girls’ basketball season will begin Tuesday, January 10th. Please reach out to Coach Nahorniak (6th Head Coach), enahorniak@cherrycreekschools.org, for more information.

We look forward to your student joining the team! Go Wildcats!

**games begin after buses finish normal routes and transport players to location


West Middle School offers a variety of opportunities for students to engage in athletics, after school activities and clubs. We encourage all students to pursue their interests and passions through extracurricular activities. The more involved a student is within their school, the better they will achieve and feel connected.

Please, be sure to talk with your student about staying after school and communicating with you about which club/activity and days that he/she plan on staying after to participate. After school activities run from 3:45 to 4:40 Monday – Thursday.

Students are encouraged to participate in clubs and activities that interest them. Research has shown that students who compliment their academics with extracurricular experiences often enjoy school more and connect with their peers and teachers through more positive interactions. In addition, clubs and activities provide opportunities for students to express their creativity in a variety of ways. Students should listen to the announcements for sign-up information, start dates, and times.

Please access this link for information on the variety of clubs that are offered at West Middle School.

WMS Homework Club

Homework Club

Would your child benefit from some extra support with their homework? This is the club for them! We will meet every other Tuesday, beginning September 13th, to support students with homework as well as learn valuable organization skills to succeed in their academics. Space is limited - only 30 seats are available so sign up soon!

For further information or questions, please contact Mrs. Migliaccio. cmigliaccio@cherrycreekschools.org

Science Homework Help

Does your child want to stay organized? Do they need a place to finish their homework with a Science teacher there to help? If the answer is yes, please have them come to B202 on Thursdays, beginning September 1st for support. Plus, there will be snacks!

For further information or questions, please contact Mr Winterhalter. bwinterhalter@cherrycreekschools.org


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As the colder months settle in, please remind your student to dress for the weather outside. Students will go outside for recess when temperatures outside are 20 degrees and above. Additionally, to ensure all students are safe when we have snow, please remind your student that they need to keep the snow on the ground and to not play on the ice during recess.

Thank you Wildcat families and please reach out to your Dean with any questions!


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Am I the only one getting distracted by all of the good World Cup games? As it goes, about 700 million people around the world are watching and cheering on their favorite players from 32 different countries. It’s also been great to hear our students at WMS debating the merits of the 4-4-2 formation, discussing how politically charged a certain match is or diving into the statistical probability of advancing to the next round. Lots of connections with math, social studies and of course, some fun competition with friends! Soccer (or football around the world) is also a game of endless patience interspersed with quick counter attacks, agile movements and coordinated team efforts to achieve what feels like the impossible—a goal! So much of what happens on the field (or in life) is the result of endless hours of practice, habits and routines much like our life here at school. Students who practice these seemingly repetitive routines (i.e., reading every night for 20 minutes, completing homework, reviewing for a test) are often the same ones who report that “things are going well” or say “I aced my math test today.” If improvement is needed, try reintroducing some simple elements that might help get your player (I mean student) back on track—maybe a simple backpack clean out to get rid of old papers, check PowerSchool together and help them find one missing assignment or set a small goal and celebrate like you won the World Cup when they accomplish it!

--The Counseling Team


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The current cold and flu season has an increased number of respiratory illnesses. See below how you can continue to do your part to help minimize exposure and spread:

  • Keep your student/s home when sick (coughing, frequent sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc)

      • Isolation and Precautions for People with COVID-19 | CDC

        If you test positive for COVID-19, stay home for at least 5 days and isolate from others in your home. You are likely most infectious during these first 5 days.. Wear a high-quality mask if you must be around others at home and in public.; Do not go places where you are unable to wear a mask. For travel guidance, see CDC’s Travel webpage.; Do not travel


      • Please notify Nurse Brenna of any positive cases (720-554-5117)

    • Strep throat - Children and staff who have symptoms consistent with strep throat should consult with their primary care provider before returning to school.
      • Please notify Nurse Brenna of any positive cases (720-554-5117)

    • Influenza - Children and staff who have symptoms consistent with strep throat should consult with their primary care provider before returning to school.
      • Please notify Nurse Brenna of any positive cases (720-554-5117)

  • Continue to encourage good hand washing habits
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow instead of your hand
  • Keep your students up to date on immunizations; especially Flu (influenza) and COVID-19 vaccines
  • Reach out to your student’s health care provider for any specific concerns or questions

Please reach out to Nurse Brenna with any questions regarding your student's health. Clinic phone number 720-554-5117, email; bgraves@cherrycreekschools.org.

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Have used books to donate?

West is now a CCSD Book Bin Partner!

Drop off any used books in our big blue bin located on the east side of the school.

Dream Books Co. collects these books and redistributes and recycles these books to our community. This keeps books out of landfills and puts them in the hands of readers!
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22-23 WMS Library Volunteers

Our West Middle School Library needs help shelving books and with other tasks. At this time only one volunteer per week is needed. Volunteers may come in any day, M-F, between 2:15-3:45. There is one slot per week on the sign up. Even though the slots are all on Mondays, you can come any day that particular week between 2:15-3:45. Please just enter a comment saying which day of the week you will be coming.

All Cherry Creek School District volunteers must complete a brief application to support activities in CCSD schools. This information will be automatically linked to the Raptor System. This must only be done once per school year. Here is the link to the form: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/NzU0OmVuLVVT

Please contact Fiona Mechem, WMS Library Liaison, with any questions.


Update to CCSD Volunteer/Partner Process

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please see the below message regarding the new CCSD Volunteer/Partner Process. If you are currently volunteering or plan to volunteer in the future, please complete the online volunteer form. It should only take a few minutes to complete. We want to thank you in advance and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school.

New Colorado legislation has prompted greater need to screen and document volunteers in our schools. Therefore, beginning January 2022, we must ensure that every volunteer completes a brief application to support activities in CCSD schools. This information will be automatically linked to the Raptor System. The good news is they only need to complete this form once per school year, and it will meet the requirement to volunteer in all CCSD buildings.

To access the form, please click on the following link: https://apps.raptortech.com/Apply/NzU0OmVuLVVT


  • Volunteers are guests who are supporting students, completing tasks, and under the immediate supervision and direction of District licensed personnel.

  • Visitors are guests who are solely entering the building to conduct business such as participate in a meeting, eat lunch with their student, or attend a school sponsored activity.

The safety and security of our students and staff remains our top priority. Every person entering our buildings must have a District ID or a badge printed from the Raptor System.

Thank you again for your continued support.


Check out our WMS Sideline Store and buy your Wildcat gear today! The link can be found below, as well as in the scrolling feed on the homepage of our website.

Remember, a portion of all proceeds return back to West Middle School to support our students -- so thank you Wildcat families!

Store link: WMS Sideline Store


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What time do basketball games start?

Buses depart CCSD middle schools at approximately 3:50pm and run their regularly scheduled routes. After completing the route, the team buses will return to the middle school to travel athletes to the other location. Games may begin as early as 4:45pm, however factors such as traffic and distance to the other school, will frequently push the start time to 5-5:15pm.

My student did not receive a Ride 360 RFID (bus card), how do I get one? My student has lost their Ride 360 RFID (bus card), how do I get a replacment?

If your student did not receive a bus card, the card does not scan, or has lost their bus card, they need to see Ms. Torres in the WMS Counseling Office. She will submit the necessary information to CCSD Transportation to get another card.

Who do I call if my student is going to miss school?

If your student is not going to be at school, you can call the attendance line to leave your message. You can call the line anytime day or night to leave your message and we will receive it the next school day. Please, be sure to include the spelling of your student's name, your name, phone number, and the reason your student is absent.

  • Attendance A-L 720-554-5110
  • Attendance M-Z 720-554-5111


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Upcoming dates for CCHS registration:

Dec 19 - CCHS registration guides delivered to WMS

Jan 12 - CCHS Counselor presentations to 8th graders here at WMS

Jan 17 - 8th Grade GT Info Night at CCHS

Jan 19 - Student Achievement Services (IEP) Info Night at CCHS

Jan 24 - 8th Grade Tours at CCHS & 8th Grade Info Night

Jan 30 - CCHS registration forms need to be completed by 8th grade students

Feb 3 - 8th Graders input courses into PowerSchool with CCHS Counselors here at WMS

Feb 10 - Make up day to input courses here at WMS

8th Grade families, please keep an eye out for WMS emails for information about times and locations.

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Cherry Creek headed to state championship game again!

The Bruins will try for their fourth consecutive state championship when they face No. 2 Valor Christian at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 3 at Empower Field at Mile High in Denver.


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Indigenous Parent Action Committee

Special Education Advisory Committee

Dec. 8, 2022

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Click here for the Special Education Advisory Committee Website

Fremont Building



Board of Education Meeting

Dec. 12, 2022

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Liberty Middle School

21500 E. Dry Creek Road

Aurora, CO 80016

District PASS Meeting

No December Meeting