Monitoring our reserve

Water Patroling

In order to keep our reserve healthy and free from danger we will have 2 water patrol shifts throughout evenings and days. This will greatly increase the way our reserve is by keeping commercial fisherman out, keeping people from dumping waste and other excess materials in our ocean.

Fines, Jail and enforcments

Our reserve has strict rules and if you do not follow them there will be big fines and possibly jail time. Fishing without a licensce or fishing for your bisuness purposes will result in a 1,000 dollar fine, Dumping waste and toxic materials will result in major jail time and personal banning from our reserve. these rules will be enforced and will not change. If you dont respect the time we put into our reserve we will absolutely not respect you.

Weighing your reward

Recreational fishing is a nice way to enjoy your day and also makes us happy that our reserve is a controlled and enjoyable enviornment. Weighing your fish is the only requirement we ask for if you fish at our reserve that way we know how many and what kind of fish have left our reserve to go home with you. Not weighing your fish will result in fines and possible banning from our reserve.