By: Lucas Pecora

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Now Hiring U.S. President

Are you interested in being the Head of the United States? If you are you might want to read this. The President of the United States is reaching the end of his second term and there are no candidates to full fill his position.

Requirements to be President Are as Followed:

  • Must be at least 35 Years-Old
  • Must have been born in U.S. Territory
  • Must have lived in U.S. Territory for a minimum of 14 consecutive years

Roles and Powers of Being the President

If you were to be the figure head of the United States, there some roles that you must commit to as well. Roles include of being a Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander-in-Chief, Legislative Leader, Head of State, Economic Leader, as well as being a Party Leader.

Chief Executive

  • President is in charge of 15 cabinet departments
  • "Executive Order"- A rule or command that can be forced into law that does not need to be approved by congress.
Chief Diplomat

  • The president directs foreign policy
  • "Executive Agreement"- Agreements with foreign leaders that are not approved by Congress

  • The President is in charge of all military factions
  • Only the President can send soldiers into battle BUT cannot declare war.
Legislative Leader

  • President must sign bills issued by congress so that they can or cannot become law.
  • President leads the legislative program
  • Must lecture annually the State of Union Address.
Head of State

  • Ceremonial Role- represents America at special occasions and cermonies
  • Presidents act as a living symbol of the United States
Economic Leader

  • President Deals with several economic issues such as inflation, unemployment rate, and high taxes.
  • Plans the Federal Government's budget every year.
Party Leader

  • President is viewed as the leader of his/her political party
  • Selects party's national chairman

Benefits of Being a President

There are a fair amount of benefits that are included while being the president of the United States. Benefits include of:

  • President makes $400,000 a year
  • Get paid extra for expenses and travel
  • Acquire the use of Air-Force 1 and Camp David luxurious vacations