How to become a famous actor


In acting everything is about keeping your stage friends close and your friends closer, when or if you have a acting careere on the road its not always easy leaving your friends, so you always want to keep your friends close and remeber who your true friends are.Always remeber the fun times you have with your friends, true friends will always be there for you. and go to extreame mesures to make anything possible for you. Also friends can always inspire you with acting and film and things that you want to do to persure your dreams

Inspirational video You can do this


Acting takes lots of hard work its not just something you can go into and become famous, It might seem like some of the stars have done that but its because they were born from a star. Acting is about attitude, friendship and hard work and never giving up beliveing you can do this


I learned that when you are acting on stage and in the outside world everyone judges you by how you act or react to things so i learned that attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference
Positive Attitude is Everything - Very Funny Attitude Video - Inspirational