St. Laurence Chamber Singers

March 8, 2014

Upcoming Rehearsal: March 13th

Wie lieblich mm. 46-84

All Who Dwell in the Shadow of the Lord mm. 40-60

Worthy is the Lamb mm. 72-122

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All Who Dwell in the Shadow of the Lord- Z. Randall Stroope, Colorado Christian University
Sing a New Song - University of Utah Singers

Basic Expectations

1. Spend time working on your part for the next rehearsal; check the excerpts listed

2. It is expected that you get markings from your section leader if you missed last week (or any week).

3. Plan to be at each and every rehearsal unless you have an unavoidable conflict.

4. Bring a pencil each week.

Section Leaders

Soprano: Terry Moore;

Alto: Jeanne Pittari;

Tenor: Mack Womack;

Bass: Steve Pondell;

Director: Kevin Klotz;

2014 Spring Concert

Friday, May 2nd, 7:30pm

3100 Sweetwater Blvd

Sugar Land, TX