By: Tayja Ghatahora

Dear Mrs.Abney,

Splash! Now water is everywhere! Your books are all wet! This hopefully wont happen is Norris Elementary installes lockers! No,backaches,custodian clean ups and, being organized! Plus you will get a real taste of Middle School
Kids these days seem to be getting backaches. Studies show that 64% of kids that carry their stuff, have back problems ranging from as low as 8, and as high as 20. This will occur as you stand in the hallway with heavy books in your hands!

Water spilling,this is what I like to call custodian clean up. This is not fair for custodians. After we spill water, usually the custodian comes to the rescue. The custodian works so hard already, why make them work even harder?! It's just not fair for the custodian of course.Getting ready for middle school is a no brainer

¨Be organized!¨ is what the teachers might tell you. In middle school you can't afford to be unorganized. Teachers are going to get mad! Detention slip after slip If you're organized then this probably will not happen aging.

Getting ready for middle school is a no brainer! No more backaches , custodian clean up, or being unorganized for class lockers will do you wonders!