News from Ms. Sullivan

March 2016

AIG Parent Meeting!

Date: Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time: 5:30-6:15 pm

Place: Isaac Dickson Media Center


  • State Standards
  • Identification & Services (per current AIG plan)
  • Curriculum
  • AIG Plan Revisions
  • Asheville Middle School (AIG Specialists from Asheville Middle will be present to share information about AIG services at AMS.)

I will be posting the meeting presentation on both my Dickson and Claxton websites if you are unable to attend.

What's Happening in 3rd Grade?

Reading: Enigmas! Students are reading about various Enigmas. Group discussions will include evaluating sources, interpreting events, forming opinions, supporting opinions with text evidence. Students will be developing reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Math: Number Systems! Students will be using the Mentoring Mathematical Minds curriculum to develop a deeper understanding of organizing & analyzing data, identifying patterns, problem solving, interpreting information and making generalizations.

ESG: Inventions! Students will learn about inventors and their inventions. They will also have the opportunity to develop their own inventions.

CSG: Latin Stems! Students will discuss how the English we speak is a modern descendant of ancient Latin and how the English language gives modern voice to the ancient Romans. They will get an opportunity to explore how language is a bridge to the past as well as what we can learn from comparing ancient and modern culture.

What's Happening in 4th Grade?

Reading: Students are finishing state research and compiling their books. Students should be working on the float at home. Presentations are scheduled for the weeks of March 7th and March 14th. Students have been assigned a presentation date so they know when to bring in their state snack. Guidelines and expectations for this project are posted in Google Classroom.

Math: Students are doing an algebra unit using the Hands-On-Equations curriculum. Unit objectives include: developing an understanding of the concepts of equivalence, variable, constant, equation, equal and not equal; modeling abstract algebraic expressions using concrete models; applying math properties to balance an equation; solving for a missing variable; and, checking solutions for accuracy.

ESG: Students are working on the advertising unit. They are learning how advertising appeals to human needs as well as common persuasion tactics that are used in advertising. They will be starting on their own ad campaigns this month.

CSG: Students are working on a group inquiry project. This is a student led inquiry that provides opportunities to develop research and collaboration skills. Students have developed questions and are now working on note-taking.

What's Happening in 5th Grade?

Reading: Students are sharing their country presentations this month. The presentation includes all the information they developed about their country - location, geography, culture, government, climate, ecosystems, flag, and map.

Next Up: a novel study, The Outsiders.

Math: Student teams have narrowed down the elements they plan to include in their park and are now developing their proposals. This problem-based learning unit provides students with the opportunity to apply math skills in a real world situation, as well as developing English Language Arts skills.

ESG & CSG: Students have become architects and engineers as they design and build bridges that incorporate the principles and elements we studied.

Dickson K-2 Nurture

First and second grade whole class lessons are going well. First graders are learning about different types of thinking - divergent, convergent, evaluative, and visual/spatial. Second graders are learning the Icons of Depth & Complexity. Pictured here, a piece of second grade work after a lesson involving Change Over Time.

Spring Break March 28-April 1

Ms. S. will be in Winston-Salem March 3-4 for the NC Gifted Conference.