Gun Control

Should teachers & staff members be allowed a gun in school?

"When you make schools gun-free zones, it's like inviting people to come in and take advantage.." By: Rosanna Mun (Unsigned Editorial)

Teachers and staff members in Texas should be allowed to carry a gun on school premises. If teachers were armed, many dangerous situations, such as the one in Newton, could be prevented or stopped.

With 20 states already legal to letting teachers carry guns to school for protection, why shouldn’t Frisco, Texas? Yes, some schools do have police officers to protect them but out of the entire school with hundreds of staff members and students, one to three officers wouldn’t be enough to protect everyone. Many schools in Texas are huge with upstairs, downstairs, and classes at all different ends. If every teacher or staff member were allowed to carry a gun for protection, many students would be safer. If something were to happen, for example, an armed shooter came on campus wanting to kill an entire classroom, an armed teacher would have the ability to fight back and save the lives of other students. Nowadays, there are many students getting enrolled into elementary, middle, and high school.

There are some schools in Texas granted teachers to carry a gun in school. “For employees to carry a pistol, they must have a Texas license to carry a concealed handgun; must be authorized to carry by the district; must receive training in crisis management and hostile situations; and must ammunition designed to minimize the risk of ricocheting bullets.” With teachers getting the proper training, they would know how to handle such situations. “Superintendant Thweatt told "When you make schools gun-free zones, it's like inviting people to come in and take advantage,"

What if.......(Unsigned Editorial by: Jordan Jones)

what if one day you sent your child to school and even though you didn't know you just put your child in great danger. the reason why is there is a man that has lost his mind and decided that it was okay to shoot up a local elementary school. so the very place that you thought was safe is now turned into one of the most dangerous. how do we stop this, let teachers be allowed to carry guns.Many young lives have been lost in places that we would never think of. Schools. From high school to all the way down to elementary.there have been too many incidents with young lives being taken away.A shooting in connecticut took as many 20 kids lives.Allowing teachers to carry guns could help saves so many young lives, i myself would like to see my generation to live a long fulfilling life.

Hello Writers... (Letter to the Editor by: Jacob Ortiz)

Hello, Writers of the latest paper about gun control. I am a high school student that truly agrees with teachers having guns in the classroom for more protection. We do need to make sure that teachers go to a gun shooting class and get a license to carry the gun like any normal civilian. After all the mass school shootings we need to give more than one person a gun we cannot have one SRO officer in the school have a gun. There are about 4,000 square feet in an average high school how is one SRO officer going to protect the whole school? That is why teachers need guns.

Letter to the editor from the other side by: Ethan Cochrum

The idea that “more guns could save lives” may well be untrue. For example, a man barging through the door with an automatic weapon could, in the eyes of some conservatives, be stopped by a brave citizen with a gun of his own. This sounds well and good, until you realize that anyone can shoot straight until they need to.

When someone aims at you, it becomes a lot harder to think clearly, and therefore, aim well. I myself have fired guns before. A 20-gauge shotgun is used for hunting and home defense, a .22 Long Rifle chambered gun is good for shooting rusty cans in your backyard, as are airguns and airsoft guns. Handguns are inaccurate and (relatively) weak. Hunting rifles are, of course, good for hunting. I’ve even heard of liberals being okay with Hi-Point Carbines, cheap 10-round automatic carbines chambered for handgun cartridges.

However, the 30-round magazines used by automatic rifles firing .223 Federal Hydra Shok FMJ have one use: To kill people. Giving teachers guns would be more harm and expense than it’s worth. Giving teachers mandatory gun training would be expensive, and if you’re okay with giving people more guns, why not also fund more education? Additionally, it may not even work. After all, no battle plans last more than five minutes. Another thing to consider is the idea that most people stupid enough to go on a murderous rampage aren’t going to be deterred by more people around them having guns. Alternatively, the idea of Suicide by Cop (they can’t pull the trigger, but a cop sure could!) may have crossed their minds, and what better way to get on the news than “man starts fatal gunfight with a policeman”?

Ultimately, while guns don’t kill people, the internal bleeding and organ failure caused by bullet wounds do. With great power comes great responsibility and a respect for others lives. By letting people buy guns without any restrictions, we let violent/irresponsible people acquire them easily, leading to more shootings and more deaths. Until Mental Detectors can be invented, we have to put limits on the people who can get guns by performing thorough background checks and mental health exams on the people who want them.

Teachers handling guns in school

Dear NRA (National Rifle Association) .. By: Rosanna Mun (Letter to the Editor)

Dear NRA,

I am writing this letter to inform you my opinion and thoughts of gun control in Texas for teachers to handle them. On my behalf, I believe teachers in Frisco, Texas should get the proper training needed to go under withstanding gun control. Guns may be dangerous but they also protect lives. With an experienced staff member or teacher or member of the school board, lives of children and students may be protected from harm or danger in any way possible. Do you want to get a phone call one afternoon about your son or daughter killed in a shooting that broke out at school and teachers had no ability to fight back? Citizens and law makers have that will power to change the authority, to go under a new law to protect the lives of others. With thousands of kids roaming the schools each day, one cop would not be enough to protect EVERY single kid. Gun control needs to be added to schools in Texas, along with 20 other states that have passed this law to be legal.