The Marvelous Woman

By Clara Enterline


There was a girl, a long time ago, known by the name of Matoka, but you might know her by another name. Who was this girl? She was amazing. Her name was Pocahontas. She belonged to the Algonquian tribe and ruled by the chief, Powhatan, which was Pocahonta's father. Algonquian means, "spearing for fishes and eels." Though her tribe had difficulties accepting John Smith, they never gave him difficulties again. One brave thirteen year old risked her life to save this English adventurer from being crushed by the weapon of the Algonquian's. Now, after all this, Pocahontas met an English man named John Rolfe. So, Pocahontas had a full filled life. She was a marvelous women. "I feel like a hero," Pocahontas might have said. But, much more happened before all this.

Her Tribe's Lifestyle

The Algonquian's

Pocahontas, a lively woman. Always willing to help anyone, including John Smith, a stranger. The Algonquian's was Pocahontas' tribe. They were a very strong tribe. They hunted their own food which was wild game and anything they could grow. Algonquian meant, "A place for spearing fishes and eels." One of the weapons they used was a stick with powerful spikes on it. But, Pocahontas the brave 13 year old did not agree with that which is probably a reason why she saved John Smith. They also used knives and bows. Pocahontas' community was very friendly. You might not have guessed. They always helped each other. They were a small community. The Pilgrims would not be alive if it wasn't for the Algonquian's. Pocahontas, definitely an amazing person. Always willing to help anyone in need. She was truly a Native American that the Algonquian's will always remember.

Saving John Smith

The Debatable Story

Pocahontas has lots of credit for saving John Smith. But, this is very debatable whether she did or not. If she did, she completely risked her life to save him. It was something we will always remember. So, it's a very rough explanation of how Pocahontas saved John Smith, and if she even did. Still, people debate on it. The main explanation and the most agreed to is that right before they were about to kill John Smith, Pocahontas threw herself on him and wrapped her arms around his head which was the target for the weapon. Then, she pleaded and pleaded not to kill him. No one knows why she did it. Maybe she did it because she thinks everyone should be treated the same. Maybe she did it because, well, that's what makes this story remarkable. John Smith was an English adventurer coming from England. He left when he was 16 years old. He was also a captain and a founder of a close colony called Jamestown.

Her Life in England

The End of Her Journey

Pocahontas eventually moved to England. She married an English man named John Rolfe. She had a wonderful life and had one child named Thomas Rolfe. John Rolfe was an English man. He convinced her to marry him and move to England. Pocahontas definitely wore a different wardrobe. She wore lots of silks and expensive things. Things that she wouldn't have worn in her tribe. Pocahontas moved to England because her husband, John Rolfe, lived there and she wanted to live with him. Pocahontas had a magnificent life in England. She married John Rolfe and had one child. But unfortunately, she couldn't make it back to her hometown to visit and passed away instead.


Pocahontas was clearly an extravagant person. She grew up in a tribe called the Algonquian's, and was ruled by the chief Powhatan which was her father. She saved the english founder of Jamestown, John Smith. She moved to England and married John Rolfe. Then, had one child and unfortunately passed away in England. This brave women risked her life to save a stranger by the weapon of the Algonquian's. She helped everyone and cared for anyone. Oh Pocahontas, someone we will always remember, a true American Hero.