Jack the Ripper

Get to know the psycho! (basic info)

Jack the Ripper was one of the the most infamous murders in history. Jack killed his victims in the late summer and fall of 1888. All of the murders took place in a 12 week period of time in Whitechapel, London's east side. The scariest thing about this vicious villain is to this day we don't know who he is! His victim profile consisted of prostitutes or women of the night. His MO was to first slit their throats and then slice their abdomens. In many victims cases he would also take out organs and arrange them around their bodies. Because of this disembowelment it was impossible to tell weather the women were raped before their death. Experts believe this hatred of prostitutes could sprout from several different theoretical situations. But since they still haven't convicted a killer the "why" is hard to say.
Jack the Ripper : Documentary on Re-investigating the Evidence and Suspects
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The two criticisms in this topic are historical and feminist. It is historical because back in the 1700's they didn't have the technology they needed to solve this case. They didn't have DNA testing o, Video cameras, or even computers and data bases to store this information. All of the evidence now is too old to be feasible in court and all the suspects are dead. If jack the ripper were to happen in this day and age I believe we would have caught him!

The other criticism is a feminist criticism. This feminist criticism sprouts from the victims all being women and prostitutes. The killer had a grudge against these women of loose morals. we are not certain why but probably has to do with a pore past engagement.

Different Media Portrayal!

Each news paper say similar things, Prostitutes were being murdered. but every so often a news paper would come out with a paper that would say "We found jack the ripper". This happened many times several people were possible suspects of these murders. Some examples are Aaron Kosminski a polish barber, and Fredrick Deeming.

Kosminski was a suspect because they found his DNA on a shall that "supposedly" belonged to Catherine Eddowes. This is kind of controversial because how did they store it for so long with out any kind of corruption to it!

With Frederick Deeming he didn't have any physical evidence against him but he had a reputation for violence against women. Deeming killed his wife and four kids and hid their dead bodies in his house. Them he also killed his second wife and did the same with her! But the second time he was caught. These murders also had a similar MO to jack the ripper. Deeming sliced his victims throats.

Different Bias!

My opinion is I don't believe we will ever know for certain who killed these women. The lack of technology needed to have physical evidence linked to any one suspect made this case basically impossible to solve. All of the people of this era are dead and gone and so too are their close family and relatives. So my personal bias is that we will never know. But if I had to choose who I though was the killer my money would be on Deeming. He already was proven capable by his trial about how he murdered his family . Deeming was already hanged, the highest penalty in our court system.
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