By Janek Luksza

What a Dictatorship is

A dictatorship is a country that has one person in-charged of the laws and decisions.

Here are some pictures that show which countries have dictatorships

How is dictator is chosen?

A dictator is chosen because the people chose them by assuming their powers forcefully through coups and movements that get support from people.

How laws are made

The dictator makes the laws or decisions of what happens and the people have to go with it if they argue over what laws or decisions will be made they would be punished.

Why I am for a dictatorship

I am wanting a dictatorship because if a really nice person was chosen to be the dictator. The dictator could do good things for you and make life good. Thats why i want a dictatorship in our country.

Who is in the legislature?

Most dictatorships have a legislature of hand-picked flunkies of the president. The dictator basically makes the laws or decisions.