Room 3 News

March 11-15, 2013

What We Will Be Learning:

Language Arts: Unit 4 Week 5 Theme: Animal Teams

Spelling Words: bumpy, puppy, funny, penny, sandy, bunny, my, night, or, because

Grammar: Contractions with not

Phonics: Long e (y,ey)

Skill: Retell

Math: Number Patterns

I am canceling all volunteers this week since our schedule is all rearranged due to half days. Remember the children will be dismissed at 12 noon.

Friday is Ms. Da Costas last day at SSF. Then she is off to Solana Pacific to a 5th grade classroom. We decorated a ceramic vase with our names to present to her on Friday. If you have flowers in your garden, please send them in on Friday so we can put them in the vase!

On Friday, we will celebrate St Patricks Day. I am asking all the boys to bring a green snack to share with the class. At Easter, the girls will bring Bunny Snacks. Please let me know what you will bring so that we don't have everyone bringing apples! I will set up a wiki Monday so you can sign up there!

Thank You for all your support,


Sharon O'Brien