Golden Nugget 5

Research, Pedagogy and Classrooms

Ofsted Ready?

Welcome to the first Golden Nugget of 2014. A little bit gulp-inducing I know to start it off with the O word, but there's a mountain to climb and we need to make like Maria and twirl round with goats.

Failing that, we do need to make sure that we're all ready for our visitors, whether we are in the classroom or out of it. The Wednesday TLEG sessions have been suspended for this term, and will return in a slightly different format in Term 4. This term, we will focus our efforts on making sure that approaches, resources and guidelines are consistent and understood by all.

The Ofsted-Ready Wednesday Programme (couldn't think of a funkier title but then I thought let's call a spade a spade)

The programme will consist of an hour's session each of the next 6 Wednesdays, meeting initially all together in Post-16, then breaking out into Curriculum Teams.

The focus needs to be tight but it doesn't have to be gloomy. There is much that we can do make sure that we are being consistent in our approaches and our expectations, and that we are using the same resources and guidelines as each other, whilst still adhering to our individual departmental plans.

Each session will focus on one of the following critical aspects: differentiation, marking and feedback, engagement, behaviour for learning and progress over time. Common resources and guidelines will be issued and there will then be time in CTs to look at how we can embed these into our individual and department practice.

Wednesday 8th January

Meet in Post-16 at 3.30pm. Ben Rose will give a brief intro to what Ofsted are looking for. He will then feed back on November's marking audit, and from the Ofsted training that members of LG undertook in December. We will then break out into CTs, where we will be looking at the new Marking and Feedback policy and the resources that have been prepared to support staff and students. Finish at 4.30pm.

Something to look at beforehand: