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Special Nuclear Fusion Press Release! December 11th edition

Special Nuclear Fusion Story: Scientists make breaking discoveries for our modern world

Hello, my name is Alexis DeCarvalho and I am a scientist with the Alicante lab here in Wendlyn. We have just made some breaking discoveries that can change our world forever. We have figured out how to take Nuclear Fusion and turn it into energy. Now, we can make giant heaters that have enough power to heat a whole building or a light that can illuminate a whole building.

Nuclear Fusion is when two different atomic nuclei collide together and combine. This reaction causes a great release of energy. This takes place in the sun's core, that's why we can feel the sun's heat and see the light all the way down here. In the core, hydrogen and helium collide together. We can now take two different atomic nuclei and create that same speed and when they collide, it will cause the same sort of energy from the sun. Soon, heating and lighting places can be done with one device. However, this method is different than Nuclear Fission. Nuclear Fission is when nuclear decay occurs, causing radioactive material which can be used as energy. Both are different, but can both be very useful.

Of course with every new discovery, there are precautions and safety hazards. Some examples of safety procedures and possible precautions include...

  • Do NOT try this at home, even if you somehow manage to get the proper equipment. Labs are the best place just in case things go wrong.
  • Nuclear Fusion is unpredictable and it's consequences are not all mapped out.
  • Because of the intricate formula, any wrong move can cause a malfunction that can cause many fatalities and injuries.
  • Because of it's radioactive formula, it can leak radioactive material causing harm.
  • If a leak were to happen, evacuation is necessary and you must seek medical attention right away in case of any health issues.

The economic impact of this can be amazing. It will save on buying multiple heaters and replacing them. Also, one light can provide for a whole building as can heat so multiple heaters and all there problems won't be necessary. It also may give more jobs than it takes away (takes away heater/light fixers job and provide for new production and installment). Of course it will also be a lot more money but it can be great for a large area. Now, without limitations, we can produce more energy and expand our research and nation. Ultimately it will be for the better of our nation and scientific advances.