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Senior Spotlight- Emma Thomas-Graduate Weatherford High School

Statewide Conference on Education of the Deaf Award Winners:

Patricia Bullard- TAPED Scholarship Recipient

Tammy WIlson- Dorinne Cunningham Scholarship Recipient

Chandler Schoonover- TAPED Outstanding Teacher Award Recipient

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Senior Spotlight- Emma Thomas

Emma has been a part of Brazos River since her sophomore year at Weatherford High School. She enjoys singing and reading. In HS she’s been in choir and has participated in two of the musical theatre productions. She volunteers at church, the JTF foundation and at Manna. Recently she was accepted to the PATHS program at A&M, where she plans to earn her certification to become an educational para professional. I have watched Emma struggle with some health issues over the years but continue to smile, work hard and show up. Emma is honest and not afraid to speak her mind. When we would meet together, I would always find myself laughing along with her and learning from her and all that she has experienced in her young life. Something funny I like to tell on Emma is about when she first came to WHS. She uses a motorized chair to get around the school more easily and was sure that she had the right of way in the hallways because she could move faster than the walking students. After she politely tapped a few people in the hallways, and we pulled her aside to talk about it, she let us know that clearly the other students were at fault for walking in her way….additionally, she honked or told them to move before bumping them!! In all seriousness, I’m so very proud of Emma and what she’s accomplished despite all the pain and surgeries…she kept right on giving it her all in order reach her goal!! Christy Fugitt, Deaf Ed Teacher

Texas Association of Parents and Educators of the Deaf- Award Winners

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