Satire Box Presentation

Presented by Yours Truly Jared Bloustine

In My Own Words...

Satire is the taking of a situation and over exaggerating it or simply adding humor to explain how absurd said situation is.

The Office

The Office is a satirical show that takes the everyday office job and all its small entails and blows them completely out of the water. The actors in the office are very much stereotypical office employees, however they are also out of proportion. This combination of events and actors makes for an enjoyable show due to the ridiculous outcomes of every situation.
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Satiric Cartoons

This image is satiric because of the irony. It states that people are paying to go to college and get an education but are getting out and becoming unemployed. This means that they are paying to learn to be unemployed because even thought they are paying to learn it won't help them.


In this picture it is shown that people are not focusing on the important things. It shows how humanity cared more about one little piece of food than trying to save the very planet that we live on.


This Cartoon is satirical because the idea of a fuel efficient car is great with gas prices being so high. However, the cartoon uses hyperbole to show that the potholes make those cars useless because they are highly susceptible to damage.
What is Satire?

My Own Satire

It seems that these days technology is becoming more and more of a problem. With people hacking and stealing money, cyber bullying, and young children being exposed to things they shouldn't be. The most logical solution would be to block every single website. This way none of these things would be possible. The kids would never see anything but, "This page is blocked" little would they know the horrors that the website contains. This is defiantly the most logical option.