The Republic of Croatia

My Dream Vacation"Heaven in Europe"

Croatia Description

Immerse yourself in a way like no other into clear Croatian Adriatic water, experience the Mediterranean as it once was. In Croatia, there is no limits and no boundaries. This country is truely Heaven in Europe.

What are good things to do?

There is many things to do in Croatia, too much that one can not count! Go deep in the blue sea, discover the Adriatic water of Croatia with canoeing. Face the beast of the rapids with rafting! Croatia is non-stop fun year round!

What are things to do for fun?

The things to do for fun in Croatia are golf, kayak, flying, and much more!! Croatia attracts a wide range of tourists from all ages.

Is there any major cities to visit?

One of the most must-visit cities in Croatia is the City of Zagreb. Zagreb is the capitol of Croatia. Visit Croatian Culture-filled cities and learn the heritage of the people! Croatia is a land that rich cultural heritage is not seen in museums, galleries, and churches, see it in real-life among the Croatian People!

Any Hot Spots which is a must-visit?

Some Hot Spots include the Islands of Croatia. The Croatian Coastline with its plentiful islands ranks Croatia as one of the most intriguing coastlines in the world.

What are some of Croatia's Festivals and Events?

Some festivals and events that the Croatian people follow and do annualy are the festival of documentary rock film, fisherman to their town, and much more!

Come Visit Now!

Visit Croatia Now!! Croatia has developed and maintained an experience suitable for adventures and explorers looking for paradise!! All you have to do to visit this country is call (305)-361-1234. Croatia "Heaven in Europe" is calling you!