Swedish immigrants coming to Texas!

Flag of Sweden

Map of Sweden

The reasons people left Sweden to go to America is because population growth and crop failures.

Settlement Patterns

Most Swedish settlers settled in areas near Dallas and Austin. The cities that Swedish lived in were Dallas, Prairieville, Brownsboro, Meridian, Clifton, Waco, Hourse, Cranfills Gap, Hamiton, Geogetown, and Palm Vally. The reason people in Sweden wanted to go to Texas is because after hearing many great things about Texas settlers came to Texas with help from Sven Magnus Swenson. Some other reasons why they came to Texas are low cost of land, great farming land, low taxes, and no monarchy. The Swedish settlers came down from Kanas into Texas.


They eat multiable meals a day instead of 2 or 3 big meals. The language is Swedish. They eat a lot of breads, meats, some dairy, jams, and cakes. They like godis (gummy candy). They do Halloween, but no trick or treating. Waffle day is a day ween they make and eat waffles. Walpurgis Night is a time to celebrate the coming of the spring by making large fires and cooking sausages. Midsummer is a festivitivil that is on June 24 which is the longest day of the year in Sweden. Christmas is the same except it is on December 24th. For sports they do skiing, snow boarding, cross country skiing, ice fishing, hockey, and curling.

Important Americans

An important person in Sven Magnus Swenson because he was the first Swedish settler to come to Texas and helped other Swedish settlers settle in Texas.

Interesting Facts

Swedish is the 10th largest ethnic group in Texas. In Sweden it is winter 6 months a year. Swedish people are really friendly. In 1840 and 1915 about 25% of the people in Sweden had gone to Texas. IKEA and H&M are both Swedish stores. Max is the Swedish Mc.Donald's.


“Swedes are a painfully shy people. We’re taught very early not to stand out from the crowd or risk making anyone uncomfortable.”

- Åke Daun, Stockholm University

“It is this land…that Swedes talk about when they say they love their country. Rather than history, it is geography that unifies the Swedes, and silence that keeps them apart.”

- Don Belt, National Geographic

Analysis Paragraph

Sweden is a very interesting country for many reasons. One of the reason that I like Sweden is because of its food. It is different from our food here. One person I found interesting is Sven Magnus Swenson because he was like a Stephen F. Austin for Swedish people. He was the first Swedish settler in Texas and he helped other settlers settle in Texas. Swedish people wanted to come to Texas because their own land was being over populated and was having many crop failures. When the people of Sweden got to Texas they settled in the Dallas and Austin area.
Swedish people celebrate most of the holidays we celebrate like Christmas and Halloween. There are only a few differences from our version to their version. One of the Swedish holidays I like is Pancake Day because you get to make and eat pancakes. Swedish influence still exists today on June 24th which is Swedish Pioneer Day. Swedish Pioneer Day is a day to celebrate the longest day of the year in Sweden with music, speakers, and eating. The Swedish culture also influenced Texas because there is a town in Texas called New Sweden. The town is located near Round Rock and Austin in Travis County. One impact the Swedish had on Texas is the establishing two Lutheran colleges. Trinity Lutheran College in Round Rock and Texas Wesleyan College in Austin. The Swedish Culture is interesting because it has many differences from other cultures.


Brett Coleman, GT Texas History, 4th Period, Swedish.