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This new extotic car is now for purchase! It comes in 8 different and bright colours!

The new and improved ZTBU will shock everyone who drives it. The car drives really smooth on the roads with its 18-inch cast aluminium wheels which are perfect. This new car is very powerful with its 245 kw compact v6TFSI engine. It accelerates the ztbu from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. It has fast 7-speed double clutch. Would you want to buy this car? I would buy it.
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For sale now, starting from $79,990

The interior of the Moudi ZTBU

The interior of a car is important, it expresses the feelings of the car. It comes with a special sports package for the interior! This includes premium red or black leather seat, sporty leather on the dash board, a radio that is wonderful, carpet mats with a red out line, handy cup holders, a.c for really hot days and the roof colour would be any coulour that you choose from.

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