Violence Against Women in India

By: Alexis Titus

Stop violence against women in India!!
Just to show you how good you have it here in the U.S.A, and how bad women in India have it, here are some examples of what happens to them:
  • Calls them names, insults them or puts them down
  • Prevents them from going to work or school
  • Stops them from seeing family members or friends
  • Tries to control how they spend money, where they go, what medicines they take or what they wear
  • Acts jealous or possessive or constantly accuses them of being unfaithful
  • Gets angry when drinking alcohol or using drugs
  • Threatens them with violence or a weapon
  • Hits, kicks, shoves, slaps, chokes or otherwise hurts them, their children or their pets
  • Forces them to have sex or engage in sexual acts against their will
  • Blames them for his or her violent behavior or tells them that you deserve it
  • Portrays the violence as mutual and consensual (formed or existing merely)

These are only some examples of what happens to these women in India. To defend themselves from these things, some women have learned some self defense methods. Such as: hitting, punching, kicking, smacking, scratching, and threatening with various objects.

About one in every three women worldwide experiences violence, with rates reaching as high as 70 percent in some countries. Gender-based violence ranges from rape to domestic abuse and acid burnings to dowry ( the money, goods, or estate that a wife brings to her husband at marriage). deaths and so-called “honor killings.”

Violence against women and girls — in peacetime and in conflict — knows no national or cultural boundaries.

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