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In The Classroom... July 21, 2017 (Week 2)

Today wrapped up our 2nd week together. We are still focusing on rules and procedures with a big focus on becoming a TEAM. Our Book of the Week was It's Mine! We continued to work on the same objectives as last week: use illustrations to describe characters and to look for words in the story that identify feelings.

We continued working with Annie Apple for Letterland. The kids learned the phonic story for Clever Cat and Kicking King (when they are together at the end of words). See if he/she can share their story with you. The kids are doing really well with their practice spelling tests. We even had 5 kids to get all the words right today! The practice test are in your child's Friday Folder.

We are still counting in Math. We've been working with number lines and hundreds boards. We've been looking for missing numbers and thinking about one more and one less. We will start Math Stations next week.

I am still continuing to do Beginning of Year assessments. I will update you on how your child did once the assessments are complete.

Make sure to scroll down to the Notes section for important information! I hope you have a super weekend. Only one more week left and then it's track out!

Take Care,

Ms. Gower


  • Class Social- We have our first class social on Tuesday! I will be heading to Sunni Sky's around 4:30 to celebrate our new year and upcoming track out. Families are invited to meet me there. It is a good opportunity to meet other families in our class and get to know me better. Plus the kids enjoy eating ice cream and playing with their peers.

  • Picture Day- Wednesday is picture day for us. Please make sure your child comes ready to smile!

  • Fidget Spinner- One of my students shared a fidget spinner with the class today from his All About Me Bag, but sadly it became missing when it was time to go home. I am asking that you please check your child's backpack to see if it got misplaced in there. It's a very special toy to this child and he would really love to get it back. If you do find it, just send it back on Monday! Thank you for helping with this.

  • Track Out- Our first track out is next Friday. The kids will not bring home their Friday Folder so that it doesn't get lost during our break. Look for a ziplock bag instead. This baggie will have your child's work inside. I will not be sending track out work home as this break is your child's summer. Instead I ask that you explore the websites that are listed on the back of your child's homework folder (take a picture of the login info). These are great sites to use to help your child stay on top of learning. I will also have a track out reading log posted on my class website. If your child reads 5 books during break and posts the title and brief summary of each book then he/she will earn lunch with me when track in.

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