From Now to the End of the Year

Thank You!

Thank you so much for all of the work you have already done with Blackboard! We are making positive change for our classrooms, school and county. Blackboard will help us keep our communication with parents clear and help us to easily use digital resources with students. We will continue to work to get special area teachers up and going soon!

Keep in Mind

  1. You will be working out of your “Real” class. You don’t need to use your sandbox anymore unless you want to just play around with stuff.

  2. Students and parents will receive information about logging in on Monday, Feb. 1st. Sign up for lab time if you would like me to walk students through visiting your page. Keep in mind that students will have multiple classes as they are in exploratories and maybe other areas (EIP, Gifted, Sped, etc.)

  3. Continue updating your homework and announcements daily/weekly/monthly. Remember, this should take the place of other ways you are communicating this information. Don’t do double work!

  4. We will meet again a few times before the year is out to work out issues that you run into and to learn other items of your choice. Use the "Cohort 2 SAMR Training Class" in Blackboard to find information about how to do even more with Blackboard (at your own pace).