Joining your GOOGLE Classroom

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First things First

Be sure you are using the Chrome Browser. Go to the App Launcher (Rubric Cube) in the upper left side of the taskbar. (see pic)

If you don't see App Launcher in your taskbar (Windows) or dock (Mac), here's how to find it:


1. Click the Start menu.

2. Select All programs > Google Chrome.

3. Right-click the App Launcher .

4. Click Pin to Taskbar.


1. Go to Finder and type "App Launcher" in the search box.

2. Drag the App Launcher to your Dock.

Click on the App Launcher to open it. In the search box, type "Google Classroom" then return. You will then see the icon for GOOGLE Classroom. You will want to add that to your apps.

Watch for your invitation to Join our Classroom

It will come in your email. When it does, click on the blue link and join the class as a STUDENT.

You will also receive an invitation to a collaborative folder. Please accept that invite!

You will also receive an invitation to join a collaborative folder for our Classroom and an invitation to your Classroom. Please accept those invitations when you receive them!

If you have ANY Problems.....

send me an email and let me help!