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New Format for the Triple M

SInce it is Summer Time I have decided to try a new format for the Monday Morning Memo. Hopefully this website ( will meet our needs of sharing information quickly. We will see how it goes, and make adjustments as necessary.

School Security

If you come to CCE to do work after normal Summertime business hours (Monday through Thursday, 7:30-5:00), please be sure to lock the gate if you are the last person in the parking lot when you prepare to leave. Also, please be aware that Deputy Warner no longer lives at the rear of the school campus. Therefore it is solely the responsibility of the CCE faculty and staff to ensure that the school is kept secure. Also be sure to lock your doors and turn off the lights in your classroom before you leave.

2016-2017 School Theme

The theme for the 2016-2017 school year is as exciting as it is multi-faceted! It involves imagery, character traits, and motivation. The focus of our school theme this school year will be on how we run our race for learning and student achievement.

"How are you going to run YOUR race?"

Few people enter a race with a desire to run their path in a sloppy, inefficient manner. In addition, those who enter their race, do so with the mindset that as long as we all participate fairly, everyone has an equal chance to "win" if they put in good effort, and don't give up when things get hard. The qualities of determination and perseverance are what we must emphasize with our children. The race of learning is rarely easy, but it is always worth it when you can look back on the race and see that you tried as hard as you could and grew because through the struggle. After all, everyone may not be able to win first place, but we can all be "winners" if we do better than we did when we first started the race.

Therefore, we can capitalize on the amount of determination and perseverance that can be easily observed in athletic races and competitions. Cross Country and Track, Soccer, Swimming, NASCAR, Gymnastics, Football, Baseball, Softball, the list can carry on for a long time, and a different form of perseverance accompanies each one. Choose one to focus on and use it as a springboard for motivating our students.

Teachers, keep this theme in mind as you start planning your classroom decorations. Integrate this theme into your classroom as you create your progress monitoring spaces: Accelerated Reading, Accelerated Math, Math Facts, Sight Words, Behavior, whatever data you are tracking with students. How it is done is left up to individual teachers, as long as it falls within the guidelines of appropriate classroom decorations listed in the Faculty Handbook. As always, if you are not sure if a decoration option is appropriate, please ask first!

To jump start your planning for next year, here is a School Theme Pinterest board for you to peruse! School Theme Project Board

Office Depot Incentive Program

We all know that there will be many fabulous sales this summer to help us get ready for the new school year. Office Depot is helping families and schools in Columbia County also through their Back to School 5% Rebate Program.

All parents have to do is make a purchase of qualifying school supplies and give the school ID at checkout and CCE will receive 5% back in credits for free supplies!

CCE's School Supply ID: 70022043

For general information on the 5% Back Fundraiser click here.

To see which products qualify for this 5% Back Fundraiser Program click here.

For the Teacher Printing promotional flyer click here.