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November 11, 2016

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Captain Bill Clarke of the Naval Supply Corps Addresses TMS on Veterans Day

Every year, Tamanend holds a beautiful Veteran Day Assembly. This year was made even more special for the number of veterans that joined us. We opened our Veterans Day Assembly with a Color Guard (Boy Scouts Ben D., Dom S., and Jason K.) parade of colors. Hannah B. and Samuella A. sang the Star Spangled Banner. Grace Q. and Phoebe R. read the Presidential Proclamation, Kat M. and Jonah S. shared Veterans Day History and Erin M. and Dominic R. read quotes from George Washington. Our 7th Grade Chorus, String Ensemble, 9th Grade Band and Chieftain Chorus performed. Capt. Clarke reminded students to continue to show their appreciation and gratitude to any military person they know or meet. He encouraged them to talk with family members who have served in the military and to learn of their experiences which have afforded us, as a country, the freedoms that we have. There was a short video "Returning Home" which touched the hearts of everyone. As our Chieftain Chorus sang "American Heroes," Andrew B. narrated and then led us into the Pledge of Allegiance and the audience joined in with "America the Beautiful."

We want to thank all veterans and their families for the sacrifices you have made in service to each of us and our country. Happy Veterans Day.

Thanksgiving Lunch

Aramark is again hosting a Thanksgiving Service Lunch on November 17th. If students and staff purchase a turkey lunch with lots of traditional fixin's to choose from as sides, Aramark will donate 10 cents worth of groceries to the Doylestown Food Pantry. What a great way to "give thanks!"

Some SUPER Facts about the November 14th SUPER Moon from TMS's SUPER Science Department!

A super moon results when the moon reaches its full moon phase at the closest point to Earth along the moon’s elliptical orbit, causing the moon to look somewhat bigger and brighter in the sky than usual.

  • It will appear 15% bigger and 16% brighter than normal
  • The high tides at the shore will be really high Spring Tides…ask an 8th grader what a Spring Tide is if you don’t know.
  • Nov. 14th will be the brightest Super Moon since 1948!
  • Next Super Moon of this magnitude will be Nov. 25, 2034!
  • The Moon will rise around 5:20pm on Monday Nov. 14th and set around 6:30am on Tuesday Nov. 15th
  • The forecast should allow for good viewing of the Super Moon here in our area: Partly cloudy skies in evening turning to cloudy skies overnight…catch the Super Moon just after it has risen above the horizon for optimal viewing!


All Tamanend student athletes must complete the Family ID and the sports physical form before they are eligible to participate in a sport. This form MUST BE SUBMITTED DIRECTLY TO THE COACH. They can not be submitted to the Front Office, Nurse, Guidance or Athletic Director. We appreciate your help with this situation.

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Can You Help or Do You Need FEAST?

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Nominate a TMS Student for Boomerang Recognition

CB Cares Educational Foundation recognizes and supports the students of Central Bucks School District for living by the 40 Developmental Assets. This month's asset is #26: Caring. Young person cares about others. He/She places a high value on helping other people. He/she thinks about ways of helping others and is motivated to initiate kind and thoughtful acts. Anyone can nominate a Tamanend student. Parents/Guardians, grandparents, neighbors, siblings, friends... the more student nominated the more there is to celebrate! Please click here to submit your nomination. Nominations are due November 20.

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Tamanend Parent Council

Thursday, Nov. 17th, 9am

1492 Stuckert Road

Warrington, PA

Parent Council is an open meeting where all parents are welcome to attend to learn more about Tamanend Middle School. Parent Council typically meets on the third Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. There is no obligation to attend all Parent Councils and there are no elected positions. Parent Council is a forum for parents and school leaders to learn from and with each other, together.

At this month's Parent Council, Mrs. Brumbaugh and her students will share the exciting innovations that are happening in the Technology Education Department; and our Student Council Officers will share their report of what has happened so far and what they plan for the next few months.

Tamanend Together is...

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