Fun...Beautiful.. Glamorous!!!

A vacation that will change YOU

Need a AMAZING vacation place?

Come to Indian Island. What is more fun than hiking up mountains, going down the biggest roller coaster in the world, and even enjoying all of this with your whole family, including pets!


Mascaraed Ball: Dress up and bring a mask. Get ready to eat a five course meal that will make you drool.

Beach Party: Bring your beach ball and bathing suit and get ready to have fun! Get ready to ride the waves, and drink fruity drinks.

Concert: Bring you're ears and listen to some beautiful and classic music, or at a later time, some rock and roll!

About Us!

We had founded this island 109 years ago. "Indian Island had been really bought by Miss Garbielle Turl, the Hollywood film star!" (Pg1 Christie) She has fixed it up really nice. She visits all the time, and gives rides to tourists no her yacht. She has even given them money and free hotel rooms. She treats the island well. We treat our customers with care and love.

Birds Of Paradise

Birds of Paradise-Bird Song by Birds Of Paradise

Melanie Bisaha 12/3/14 Period 7

Reviews of our MAGNIFICENT Island

11/11/11 Ashley Moctra This island was amazing! They were so nice and I even got to meet Miss Garbielle Turl! She gave me a thousand dollars to go and shop at the gift shop! I even went on her yacht! The island room wasn't extremely expensive, even though you would think it would be being it is absolutely beautiful!