Leprechaun Trapper

Karlie Koch

How it works

My design will create a box like structure with a pulley to pull and trap the Leprechaun. It has a string on the back of it that holds the box up until your ready. 1st you take off the string on the back and then you pull the pulley string on the top.

Doing the job

You can use it many times. It's also petty easy to set up. It isn't a complicated trap, but it does the job. Also when you trap the leprechaun, you tie the front pulley/string to something pretty strong. Materials you will need: box, pulley, string, and something to tie to.

The simple Machine

The simple machine is a pulley type thing to pull the lid down and trap the leprechaun. The string at top will help hold the leprechaun in.