Types of Chemical Reactions

By: Cole Sparks

Synthesis Reaction

Definition: a type of reaction in which multiple reactants combine to form a single product.

Equation: A+B=AB

Examples:H2+O2= H2O

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Decomposition Reaction

Definition: a type of chemical reaction in which a single compound breaks down into two or more elements or new compounds.

Equation: AB=A+B

Example: Na=Na+Cl2

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Single Replacement Reaction

Definition: a type of oxidation-reduction chemical reaction when an element or ion moves out of one compound and into another

Equation: A+BC=B+AC

Example:F2 + MgBr2=Br2 + MgF2

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Double Replacement Reaction

Definition:a type of chemical reaction where two compounds react, and the positive ions and the negative ions of the two reactants switch places.



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Combustion Reaction

Definition: a reaction in which oxygen reacts with another element or compound to produce energy in the form of heat and light.

Equation:C_H_ + O2 = CO2 + H2O

Example: Burning of charcoal.

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