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Start the Conversation

The purpose of this newsletter is in response to the survey that was taken in the beginning of the year about the counseling department in the previous school year. How can we improve? We can improve by getting the word out about what we are doing!

I want to thank you for taking the time to take the survey and also the time to read this. There was a lot of appreciated feedback. There were a number of responses that requested more information about the purpose and role of the counselor and what is offered at Green. I will discuss that as well as a few other topics that were identified as needing improvement.

SELF-CARE for Teachers & Staff

Mayra and I are looking to start doing something with Self-Care once every couple weeks!

**We have been brainstorming some ideas**

  • personal trainer coming to talk to us and teach a class on exercises to do at home
  • yoga class
  • zumba class

If you're interested in these, we will start planning. Please email me to let me know if you're interested.

"School" Counselor

For those of you who do not know, we are no longer called “Guidance Counselor.” They refer to our position in the school as Professional School Counselors (School Counselors). The purpose and role of the School Counselor is site-based and may be different than another school.

My purpose at this school is to provide services that create and facilitate a positive climate at Green Elementary. The services that are provided by me are Individual, Group, Conflict Resolution, and Classroom lessons. During these sessions with students, my goal is to teach them lifelong skills to improve their relational capacity and character.

Our entire faculty and staff are not blind to the difficulties that our children face every day outside of school. When there is a situation that require additional support regarding social/emotional, personal or academic issues, please contact me. The safety and well-being of our students is my number one priority.


The “Guidance” Special is a time where we utilize the opportunity to reach ALL students. During the classroom guidance lessons we cover a number of topics that are directly related to the need of the students and the core fundamentals of character education. If you have a suggestion of what you would like to be taught, or there is a specific issue that is happening in your grade level, PLEASE do not hesitate to COMMUNICATE THAT WITH ME. A lot of the response regarding lessons to implement was extremely helpful, I will use your suggestions to plan my lessons accordingly.

In addition to that, we were provided Positive Action Kits through the ESSC Grant. Mayra Garcia is the counselor who is funded under this grant. The kits were purchased for Kindergarten, First, and Second grade. We FINALLY received the kits after months of waiting. Those kits should be distributed and in the teachers possession by now.


If you are a mentor, please communicate your celebrations and/or concerns to either Mayra Garcia or myself. We want to hear your feedback and help to improve the Check & Connect program at our school.

Requirements to be a Mentor: 15-45 minutes a week. This can be during breakfast, lunch, recess, or a separate time scheduled with the teacher. During these meetings, you’re welcome to do what you want. However, please track that you met with your mentee and that you have emailed the teacher asking about attendance and behavior. You also may attach the email to the tracking paper.

Student Crisis Response

WHEN IN DOUBT, REPORT IT OUT!! You’re responsible to notify one of the counselors or social worker of any suspected abuse, harm to self or harm to others. I appreciate the improvement on notifying the counselors of questionable incidents. We will then do an assessment and base our next move upon the results of the assessments.


What do you do if we are not here? One of the principals will need to be notified of the information as soon as possible.


IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY CONTACT: Channel 4 on the walkie


"Counselor are you available? This is (teacher name). I need immediate assistance in (location)."

Phone call: 919-431-8140 or the classroom phone


If there is an emergency and I am unavailable: CONTACT THE OFFICE

Off Campus Plan for Lessons

If we are off campus and unavailable for classroom guidance lessons, the class is CANCELLED. I truly apologize for the inconvenience! The list of dates that we are off campus in February are listed below.

**Some classes were covered -- Thank you to Ms. Mitchell **

You will get a reminder email a few days before the class that we are missing. However, if you see our name listed in the morning email, our class is cancelled that day unless told otherwise.

Scheduled To Be Off Campus in February

Middle School Registration Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 12pm

Off Campus

Just Ms. Gray is off campus in the afternoon.

Northern Region PLT

Wednesday, Feb. 17th, 8am

Off Campus

ESSC Grant Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 1pm

Off Campus