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Week of November 30, 2015

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and nice long weekend. 2MU had a great week of learning. Please read on to learn more about our exciting week of learning. Be sure to scroll down and view the many pictures capturing our daily learning activities.


  • Prior to Thanksgiving, we learned about Native Americans. One of the books we read was entitled, Knots on a Counting Rope. The children enjoyed learning and sharing their "Strong Name" with their classmates.
  • Inspired by this story, the children listed their major life events on a feather and then tied them together with a rope. Each feather represented it's own life story. The children enjoyed sharing their 'knots on a counting rope.' I hope they shared their stories with you over the break.
  • This week our Journeys selection was entitled, How Chipmunk Got His Stripes. The folktale was a real hit with the children as they enjoyed choral reading the selection with the eReader.
  • Our comprehension skill this week was learning more about story characters, Character Traits, based on their thoughts, words, and actions.
  • We also read A Bad Case of Stripes. This engaging story helped the children understand more about Inside and Outside Character Traits. The children even colored their own Camilla Cream character based on 'Visualizing' a character through the story words.


  • The children complete their own Science Lab Reports based on a question and hypothesis they created with their writing partner.
  • We also learned more about "Expert Words" so we can add those into our writing and 'write like experts.'


  • We learned more Fact Strategies to help us with subtraction. For example, knowing our doubles facts can help us solve various subtraction problems.
  • We learned about the Subtraction of 0 and 1 Rules.
  • As part of our lessons, we learned new math card games ~Salute and Subtraction Top-It. Why not use a deck of cards at home and give the games a try?


  • We completed our Science Unit on Balancing and Weighing.
  • We observed 4 different types of foods and described them based on color, shape, and size. Then, we predicted which cup of food was lightest to heaviest. Then, we used an equal-arm balance to prove our predictions right or wrong.
  • We used an equal-arm balance and uni-fix cubes to determine the weight of each cup of food. Then, we compared our results with other partner groups.

Other Activities

  • The children had the opportunity to visit the Holiday Shop
  • We created Gift Boxes for the Second Grade bulletin Board. Be sure to check out "Our Gifts."
  • We changed our Classroom hallway scene to winter and began writing our good deeds on snow flakes. The children are encouraged to help out in their home, school, and neighborhood community. Each time they do, they write their good deed on a snow flake. Be sure to check out all the good deeds the children have done so far. "We Are Snow Happy to Get Involved."
  • We had a special visit of Seeing-Eye dogs. What an awesome experience for the children. They were even given the opportunity to pet the dogs. Be sure to check out the photos below.


Playing "Salute"

Math Centers ~ Doubles Games and Subtraction Top-It


Science ~ Observing Food Cups

Science ~ Balancing Food Cups with Unifix Cubes

Fundations ~ Building 2 Syllable Words

Seeing Eye Dog Assembly

Meet John William Patterson ~ Mrs. Murphy's Grandson ~ Born November 30, 2015

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